R. Kelly allegedly had sexual contact with an underaged boy, prosecutors claim

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Federal prosecutors successful R. Kelly’s enactment trafficking lawsuit accidental helium had intersexual interaction with an underage lad successful summation to girls, and the authorities wants jurors successful his upcoming enactment trafficking proceedings to perceive those claims.

Prosecutors aired a wide-ranging raft of further allegations — but not caller charges — against the R&B prima successful a tribunal filing Friday. Jury enactment is owed to commencement Aug. 9 successful a New York national tribunal for Kelly, who denies ever abusing anyone.

A connection was sent Saturday to his lawyers astir the further allegations.

The Grammy Award-winning vocalist is charged with starring what prosecutors telephone a transgression endeavor of managers, bodyguards and different employees who allegedly helped him enlistee women and girls for enactment and pornography and to workout a batch of power implicit them.

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The charges impact six antithetic women and girls, who aren’t named successful tribunal filings.

Now, prosecutors would besides similar jurors to perceive astir much than a twelve different radical whom the authorities alleges that Kelly sexually oregon physically abused, threatened oregon different mistreated.

Among them, the authorities says, was a 17-year-old lad and aspiring instrumentalist whom Kelly met astatine a McDonald’s successful December 2006 and aboriginal invited to his Chicago studio. After asking the lad what helium would bash to marque it successful the euphony business, Kelly propositioned and had intersexual interaction with him portion helium was inactive underage, according to prosecutors’ tribunal filing.

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And erstwhile Kelly was astir to spell connected proceedings connected kid pornography charges successful Chicago successful 2008, the aforesaid younker told the vocalist helium had entree to a juror, and Kelly asked him to interaction the juror and vouch helium was a “good guy,” prosecutors wrote.

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The filing doesn’t accidental whether the younker did so. Kelly was acquitted successful that case.

The lad besides introduced Kelly to a 16- oregon 17-year-old antheral friend, with whom prosecutors accidental the vocalist began a intersexual narration respective years later. Kelly besides filmed the 2 youths successful intersexual encounters with different people, including immoderate of Kelly’s girlfriends, according to the filing.

Prosecutors wrote that the accounts of the boys and others would assistance amusement that the existent charges “were not isolated events and were portion of a larger pattern.”

The multiplatinum-selling singer, calved Robert Sylvester Kelly, is known for enactment including the 1996 deed “I Believe I Can Fly” and the cult classical “Trapped successful the Closet,” a multi-part communicative of intersexual betrayal and intrigue.

Kelly’s enactment beingness has drawn scrutiny since the 1990s, and helium presently is besides facing sex-related charges successful Illinois and Minnesota. He has pleaded not guilty.

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