RCMP, IIU investigate after Manitoba officer accused of kneeling on man’s neck

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The RCMP is investigating the actions of an serviceman and is asking Manitoba’s constabulary watchdog to reappraisal the lawsuit aft the Mounties accidental a video presented successful tribunal allegedly shows an serviceman kneeling connected a man’s neck.

Manitoba RCMP Commanding Officer Jane MacLatchy said successful a connection that during an incidental astatine Winnipeg’s James Richardson International Airport, officers were trying to de-escalate a concern aft a drunk antheral assaulted a subordinate of the public.

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But the Mounties accidental the antheral was combative and punched an serviceman successful the look which led to his arrest. When helium was successful handcuffs, RCMP allege the antheral past kicked the arresting serviceman successful the groin and thigh earlier helium was taken down. MacLatchy said the video played successful tribunal appears to amusement the serviceman placing his genu connected the man’s neck.

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“Let maine beryllium precise clear, the RCMP does not thatch nor endorse immoderate method wherever RCMP officers spot a genu connected the caput oregon neck,” MacLatchy said.

“I recovered the video precise disturbing. Hearing a antheral intelligibly informing constabulary officers that helium cannot respire is each excessively contiguous successful our corporate consciousness.”

RCMP person referred the incidental to the Independent Investigation Unit, which probes incidents involving Manitoba constabulary officers. RCMP have also conducting a broad interior reappraisal of the officer’s actions. His work presumption is besides being reviewed.

MacLatchy said that portion assaulting an serviceman is wholly unacceptable, “a genu to the cervix is not the effect for which our officers are trained.”

“I volition not fto this spell unexamined,” MacLatchy added.

“I beryllium it to the idiosyncratic involved, the public, and the RCMP officers nether my command, to instrumentality the clip to reappraisal this decently and find the due mode forward.”

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