Relatives of mass shooting victims are scared

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CHICAGO (CBS) — We’re getting a look astatine 1 of the youngest victims killed successful Wednesday night’s wide shootings.

It’s 14-year-old Damarion Benson, who was killed successful 1 of 2 wide shootings that happened wrong a play of 2 minutes in North Lawndale.

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The child’s household spoke with CBS 2’s Steven Graves.

Some of the victims went to Stroger Hospital wherever household members waited successful agony for updates connected loved ones. Teenagers were among respective hurt. The youngest: An-innocent 14-year-old victim.

On a sidewalk wherever a hopscotch committee is scribbled with chalk, there’s reddish constabulary portion that dangles tied to a rail. Blood splatters were seen nearby.

“When I got there, they’re picking them each up disconnected the ground.”

Janice Warren’s 16-year-old nephew, Davion Wright, is 1 of 5 victims changeable Wednesday. It happened adjacent Douglas Park successful North Lawndale.

Chicago constabulary said a gunman fired into a assemblage Wednesday evening.

“He was retired determination due to the fact that 1 of their friends had conscionable died. He came done conscionable to enactment and spell backmost home,” Warren said.

He ne'er made it home. Instead helium was rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital. He’s present connected a ventilator.

“Ambulances coming successful back-to-back-to-back dependable dropping radical off.”

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Bobby Childs aboriginal recovered retired Damarion, his 14-year-old nephew, died from a gunshot coiled to the caput successful the aforesaid wide shooting.

Family members consoled the teen’s mother. Damarion was her oldest son.

“She’s taking it hard. Very, precise hard,” Childs said.

The wide shooting was conscionable moments earlier different 1 blocks distant connected Ridgeway. Police said radical pulled up to a assemblage and changeable teens sitting connected a porch.

A 14-year-old was an guiltless unfortunate riding successful a car with his father.

And aboriginal connected Wednesday, a enactment autobus successful Lincoln Park was changeable up erstwhile gunmen drove up targeting radical inside. A information defender and autobus operator among 8 hit. All should survive.

“We are successful a conflict for the bosom and psyche of immoderate of these communities arsenic it relates to violence,” said Chicago Police Supt. David Brown.

Brown said arsenic detectives investigate, galore surviving victims are not talking.

“It doesn’t wounded to tell, but they are scared. We’re not getting immoderate benignant of extortion if they tell,” Warren said.

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It is unclear if the shootings are connected.

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