Rep. Jim Banks Admits Trump Plot To Undermine 1/6 Committee

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Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) says helium was booted from the 1/6 Committee for a crippled to blasted the onslaught connected Speaker Pelosi.


Potential insurrectionist co-conspirator Rep. Jim Banks says helium was booted from the 1/6 Committee due to the fact that Nancy Pelosi is 1 who is liable for the onslaught and she doesn't privation to beryllium investigated. (This maneuver sounds similar it came consecutive from Trump.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) July 25, 2021

Rep. Banks said connected Fox News Sunday:

Well, it’s much wide than ever that Nancy Pelosi is not interested successful investigation, she’s lone funny successful a narrative. She claims the crushed she booted me from the committee was because of antics connected the portion of Jim Jordan and I and in hindsight what I recognize what she means by that present is that we were prepared to inquire questions that nary 1 other has asked and demand answers arsenic to wherefore the capital was susceptible to an attack connected January 6th. 

Why was determination a systemic breakdown of information astatine the capitol connected January 6th? If you’re going to investigate January 6th, wherefore not inquire those questions? That’s each that — that’s all that this comes down to. She has already predetermined a narrative astir Donald Trump, about Republicans. She doesn’t privation to speech about what happened astatine the Capitol that time to marque definite something like that ne'er happens again. 

Banks went connected to accidental that Pelosi booted him from the committee due to the fact that she is acrophobic that helium volition marque her look bad.

Republicans Are Admitting The Plot To Undermine The 1/6 Committee

If the program to undermine the 1/6 Committee by turning it into an probe of Speaker Pelosi sounds familiar, that’s due to the fact that Donald Trump tried to usage the aforesaid strategy astatine his 2nd impeachment trial. Given the linage of the erstwhile effort and the information that McCarthy tried to adhd Jim Jordan and Jim Banks to the Committee aft helium met with Trump, the arrows are intelligibly pointing successful the absorption of the erstwhile president arsenic the root of this plot.

Pelosi saw done this and was galore steps up of Trump and McCarthy, but Republicans aren’t hiding it. Banks and Jordan were saboteurs who were trying to destruct the 1/6 Committee from within.

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