Report: Bill O’Reilly is Blocking his One of his 6 Sexual Harassment Accusers From Appearing on The View

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At 1 point, Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly were, unquestionably, the 2 biggest names successful cablegram news. Both personalities, though, person had a stunning autumn from grace.

Kelly moved implicit to ABC via a megadeal, but near the web aft she defended blackface unrecorded connected air. She was last seen connected Twitter trolling tennis champion Naomi Osaka.

It went adjacent worse for O’Reilly. He near Fox News aft 6 antithetic women accused him of intersexual misconduct. O’Reilly is trying to rebuild his vocation by going connected a circuit with Donald Trump. The duo, though is having trouble selling tickets to their events.

And present the erstwhile Fox property has much occupation connected his hands. According to a study from the Daily Beast, O’Reilly is moving to forestall 1 of his accusers from appearing connected The View.

As of now, he’s been capable to forestall the spot. An ABC spokesperson said, “We were notified precocious yesterday astir a impermanent restraining bid issued by a tribunal against Andrea Mackris. We decided to postpone her interrogation pending further developments. We look guardant to welcoming her to ‘The View’ astatine a aboriginal date.”

Mackris responded to the determination by saying, “I person not been served with anything, but seemingly Bill O’Reilly was capable to interfere with my quality connected The View.”

O’Reilly whitethorn oregon whitethorn not beryllium successful his rights to halt this appearance. This story, however, is not apt to marque tickets for his and Trump’s circuit merchantability faster.

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