Republicans Reeling As Voters Blame The Unvaccinated/GOP For COVID Surge

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The Republican program to weaponize COVID against Democrats has failed arsenic voters blasted the unvaccinated and GOP politicians for the COVID surge.

Politico reported connected a caller Politico/Morning Consult Poll:

The survey besides recovered that astir fractional of each voters blasted the caller question of infections that person sent numbers spiking arsenic connected the unvaccinated and connected governmental leaders opposed to mask-wearing and social-distancing mandates. About one-fifth of voters said neither is responsible; 14 percent blamed the unvaccinated solely and different 7 percent targeted the politicians.


According to the poll, much than 8 successful 10 Democrats and astatine slightest fractional of autarkic voters privation to necessitate vaccinations for each Americans (except those with aesculapian conditions), for employees who enactment successful their country and for those who spell to gyms oregon amusement venues. But those requirements are supported by astir 35 percent of Republicans, who signifier the largest radical of unvaccinated Americans.

A spot of speedy mathematics reveals that 71% of respondents blamed Republican politicians, the unvaccinated, oregon some for the COVID surge.

That. Is. Not. Good.

Republicans Are Still Getting The COVID Issue All Wrong.

After Republicans mislaid everything successful 2020, 1 mightiness deliberation that they would reassess their handling of the pandemic, but since this Trump’s Republican Party, they person doubled down connected their failed strategy, angered the bulk of the country, and are sidesplitting their supporters.

Unless thing drastically changes, COVID volition beryllium an contented successful 2022, and it could outgo Republicans immoderate accidental that they had of winning backmost the House and Senate.

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