Residents in northwest Edmonton community concerned over new housing developments

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Some North Glenora residents successful northwest Edmonton are frustrated implicit caller lodging developments.

They judge the alteration volition perchance unit respective families to permission the area, transforming the neighbourhood.

“Everybody is simply a small spot tense astir it, I think, there’s a batch of semipermanent residents here,” Patio Homes tenant Tanya French said.

French has rented the townhouse she lives successful for astir 12 years, but a projected rezoning alteration would spot her existent gathering transformed into a caller 40-plus flat complex.

It has her questioning her aboriginal surviving situation.

“It means we’d person to determination retired of the area, I think, for sure, due to the fact that these units are beauteous tenable successful rent and they judge pets and are family-friendly,” French said.

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Crystal Oko lives successful a single-family location adjacent the buildings and is 1 of galore North Glenora residents hoping the aboriginal improvement won’t unit families to permission the neighbourhood.

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The Edmonton-based Regency Developments is readying connected gathering 4 caller flat buildings connected 4 properties.

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So far, 1 re-zoning exertion has been approved — the different 3 spell to nationalist proceeding August 31.

“Low-income rental lodging for families that was built into this neighbourhood truthful that we tin person a vibrant, mixed community, is being replaced with flat buildings that person 1 and two-bedroom units and are not suitable to families,” Oko said.

Oko said she wants the developer to adhd units with much bedrooms.

“The 1 improvement that has been permitted by the metropolis does not person immoderate three-bedroom units, truthful I don’t spot however that would beryllium considered family-friendly,” Oko said.

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But the developer said the units volition beryllium family-friendly with a much functional layout.

“We privation to support the tenant premix we have, we privation to guarantee it’s affordable to bring backmost to tenants we bash have. We’ve built astir 1,500 units crossed Edmonton implicit the past decade, precise fewer person been three-bedroom units and we’ve had a batch of families successful our projects successful our developments,” Chief Operating Officer of Regency Developments Raj Dhunna said.

Dhunna said the developments volition hap successful stages to accommodate tenants who privation to determination into the caller buildings.

As for Oko, she said she hopes this alteration won’t unit families to permission and interaction the section schoolhouse that astatine 1 clip was struggling with debased enrolment.

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