River Landing plaza opens in downtown Saskatoon after nearly two decades in the making

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After astir 2 decades successful the making, the River Landing plaza has opened to the nationalist arsenic 1 of the past stages successful the improvement of the River Landing area.

The K. W. Nasser Plaza is named aft the assemblage prof and developer who spent years pushing for thing connected the crippled of land.

“I americium retired of this world,” said Karim “Kay” W. Nasser. “I americium determination else. Watching everybody, I’m precise grateful for each of those who made it.”

Nasser got funny successful the tract successful 2010, aft the metropolis had tried for years to pull a developer. The onshore was portion of the city’s Downtown Concept Plan successful 2004.

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On Tuesday the plaza was unveiled. The anticipation is that it volition gully radical downtown, and beryllium a year-round amenity to pull radical to the caller condos and businesses successful the area.

“We each worked unneurotic — the mayor, the council, it’s large to enactment together,” Nasser said. “Without knowing each different and moving unneurotic it would person ne'er person happened.”

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Mayor Charlie Clark said the plaza is an important caller attraction downtown.

“The information that it’s done, we tin yet instrumentality down the operation fencing that’s been up for what feels similar a decennary and unfastened it up to the public. It’s a truly large day, particularly arsenic we travel retired of the pandemic,” Clark said.

The developer said the plaza is modelled aft world-class plazas successful places similar Spain and Boston.

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“In each large metropolis you privation to person large places wherever radical tin stitchery and sojourn and conscionable their neighbours, and this plaza is present our imperishable plaza successful the city,” Clark said.

Clark said helium hopes this caller abstraction volition pull much radical and concern to the stores and restaurants downtown.

“We request to support the bosom of this metropolis beardown successful bid for the metropolis to beryllium beardown and this is 1 of those sites that volition beryllium perfectly cardinal to that,” helium said.

Clark said this improvement helps nonstop a connection astir the aboriginal of Saskatoon.

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