Rounding Up All The New From Today’s Nintendo Indie World Showcase

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Not to beryllium outdone by Microsoft’s ID@Xbox presumption yesterday, Nintendo held different installment of its Indie World showcase today. The 20-minute video was jam-packed with hotly-anticipated titles, respective of which are launching today. If you don’t person clip to ticker the presentation, see this round-up a speedy snapshot of everything the lawsuit had to offer. 

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, a funky crippled greatly inspired by Jet Set Radio, volition beryllium a timed Switch console exclusive and it’s launching successful 2022. 

Toem is simply a wholesome photography crippled acceptable successful a beauteous achromatic and achromatic hand-drawn satellite coming to Switch and PC this fall. 

Loop Hero was 1 of our favourite games during the archetypal fractional of 2021, and it’s making its much-requested determination to Switch this holiday. You tin work our reappraisal of the PC mentation here

Far: Changing Tides, the seafaring sequel to Far: Lone Sails, comes to Switch arsenic good arsenic different platforms and PC successful aboriginal 2022. 

Necrobarista: Final Pour serves arsenic a Director’s Cut to 2020’s Necrobarista that adds caller communicative contented and remastered visuals. It besides features a caller workplace mode that allows you to make your ain stories and dialogue. It lands connected Switch aboriginal contiguous arsenic a timed console exclusive


Garden Story, an adorable crippled wherever you play arsenic a grape that we precocious featured successful our database of most anticipated Zelda-likes, gets a astonishment motorboat contiguous arsenic a timed Switch console exclusive. 

The dating sim meets dungeon crawler Boyfriend Dungeon comes to Switch aboriginal today. It’s a trip, and you tin work our extensive preview of the crippled to find retired why. 

Hold connected to your butts due to the fact that Axiom Verge 2, the long-awaited sequel to the acclaimed Axiom Verge, is coming to!

Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon

Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon is simply a match-style puzzle crippled that was announced a portion back, but present we cognize it’s coming to Switch this holiday. Furthermore, scanning Shovel Knight amibo summons a fairy helper for assistance. 

Islanders Console Edition is simply a procedural land metropolis builder with a chill ambiance releasing contiguous arsenic a timed Switch console exclusive

Metal Slug Tactics was 1 of our astir pleasant surprises to look during this year’s E3 season, and the colorful strategy spin-off is heading to Switch aft antecedently being confirmed for PC. It besides got a 2022 motorboat window. 

Tetris Effect Connected, the multiplayer rotation connected the beloved Tetris Effect, makes its long-awaited leap to Switch connected October 8

Metal Slug Tactics

Astroneer makes the travel to Switch successful January 2022

Hundred Days - Winemaking Simulator pours a caller solid on Switch this holiday

Slime Rancher: Plortable Edition comes to Switch today, giving you plentifulness of clip to hole for next year's sequel.

LumbearJack, a crippled astir utilizing your axe to recycle trash as a blessed bear, makes its Switch debut successful 2022. 

Curious Expedition 2 is simply a turn-based communicative roguelike arriving to Switch aboriginal today. 

Gang Beasts brings its silly marque of multiplayer to Switch this fall. 


The gorgeous Eastward closed things retired with a confirmed merchandise day of September 16. It volition beryllium a timed Switch console exclusive and stars 2 characters exploring a ruined yet gorgeous pixel creation satellite inspired by 90’s Japanese animation. You tin work much astir it successful this erstwhile round-up

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