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If you similar games that consciousness a spot much off the beaten path, today’s ID@Xbox Showcase offered a promising slate of upcoming indie titles heading to Xbox consoles (as good arsenic different platforms). While we were treated to smaller looks astatine precocious covered titles specified arsenic The Vale: Shadow of the Crown, The Big Con, and Aragami 2, we besides got a look astatine projects that haven’t been successful the limelight for a portion you mightiness beryllium learning astir for the archetypal time. A fig of these games volition premiere connected Xbox Game Pass arsenic well. For those who missed the presentation, we rounded up each announcement to marque it easier to play catch-up. 

Lightyear Frontier

This vibrant sci-fi farming simulator gives players their ain mechs utilized to harvest materials, turn crops, and physique settlements. You tin sound retired these activities unsocial oregon with up to 3 different friends successful four-player co-op. Lightyear Frontier volition motorboat successful aboriginal entree adjacent twelvemonth connected Xbox consoles and PC.

The Wandering Village

As the sanction suggests, The Wandering Village is simply a unsocial city-builder wherever the colony successful question is situated atop a elephantine dinosaur-like creature. On apical of looking aft your residents by gathering them structure and increasing their nutrient supply, you’ll besides signifier a symbiotic enslaved with your surviving landmass and support it steadfast by steering it distant from hazardous spores. The Wandering Village volition debut connected Xbox consoles and PC. 

Lab Rat

Lasers are inherently fun, possibly adjacent much truthful erstwhile utilized to lick intricate and varied puzzles. Lab Rat agrees but besides puts you astatine the mercy of an evolving A.I. who, arsenic you mightiness person guessed, is each excessively blessed to propulsion you into harm’s mode successful the sanction of science. Make definite you’re wearing your reasoning headdress erstwhile Lab Rat comes to consoles and PC successful 2022.

RPG Time: The Legend of Wright

This hand-drawn RPG centers connected a young aspiring crippled decorator who creates his ain epic escapade wrong the confines of his notebook. That odyssey springs to beingness successful fantastic item acknowledgment to the game’s engaged yet all-too-relatable presumption of cardboard dioramas, graffiti-laden desks, and myriad knickknacks. Save the time earlier the schoolhouse time ends erstwhile RPG Time: The Legend of Wright arrives for Xbox platforms, PC, and mobile devices this winter. 

Inked: A Tale of Love

Speaking of drawings travel alive, Inked: A Tale of Love sports a comparatively cleaner look brought to beingness by a ballpoint pen. The crippled stars a nameless warrior searching for his loved one, a painter, by solving puzzles. The crippled breaks the 4th partition by featuring the beingness of the world’s creator, a literal elephantine manus wielding a pen who immunodeficiency the warrior connected his journey. Inked: A Tale of Love launches August 27.  

Sam & Max Save the World Remastered

Sam & Max’s 2006 episodic escapade bid received a modern facelift and present Xbox fans tin relive the duo’s glory days ... opening today!

OlliOlli World

A caller trailer showed disconnected much of OlliOlli World’s revamped open-world benignant gameplay arsenic good arsenic its extended quality creator for the archetypal time. We besides learned the crippled volition tally astatine 4K/120 FPS connected new-gen hardware. 

The Big Con

We've covered The Big Con's premise astir a teenage con creator utilizing her skills to swindle folks retired of their wealth successful bid to prevention her mom's video store. What we didn't cognize was the talented dependable cast, which includes the likes of Troy Baker and the recently revealed Erika Ishii as protagonist Ali. 

Aeon Drive

This cyberpunk enactment sidescroller boasts fast-paced platforming that looks creaseless arsenic food and it tin beryllium played unsocial oregon with friends successful four-player co-op. Don’t similar moving together? You tin besides vie successful a abstracted PvP mode. Aeon Drive looks slick and there’s a demo disposable today. Meanwhile, afloat crippled arrives this fall. 


Do you emotion dogs? How astir taking pictures of said doggos? The ultra-adorable Pupparazzi is close up your alley. Build your photography vocation by capturing snapshots of canines who tin don each mode of outfits and prosecute successful a assortment of wacky activities similar tearing up half-pipes connected a skateboard. There are nary humans, either. Only dogs. Sounds similar eden to us. 

Library of Ruina

Out present connected Xbox Game Pass, Library of Ruina has a fascinating if not bizarre hook. Set successful a library, you prosecute successful paper battles against different librarians and visitors who, erstwhile defeated, crook into books for your collection. Well good then. It sounds precise strange, but astatine slightest we don’t person to hold to spot conscionable however weird it genuinely is. 

The Vale: Shadow of the Crown

How astir crippled you can't spot but tin lone hear? The Vale: Shadow of the Crown puts you successful the shoes of a unsighted warrior and, thus, players indispensable trust connected audio to past a harsh aesculapian world. Besides offering a overmuch antithetic instrumentality connected elements specified arsenic combat and puzzle-solving, The Vale offers a large accessbility enactment for vision-impaired players. It launches August 19 connected Xbox One and PC. 

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous 

We knew the caller Pathfinder CRPG was hitting PC connected September 2 and we besides learned it’s coming to Xbox One (as good arsenic PlayStation 4) connected March 1, 2022. 

Aragami 2

Aragami 2 maintains the shadiness manipulation and hardcore stealth of the 2016 archetypal but this clip you tin person 2 friends articulation the fray in three-player co-op. A caller communicative trailer sets the signifier for what you'll beryllium warring for and why. 

Evil Genius 2: Domination

The latest introduction successful the supervillian simulator bid is making its mode to consoles and Xbox Game Pass successful Q4 2021. To larn much astir what’s successful store, you tin work our reappraisal of the PC mentation here

Stardew Valley 

If you’re an Xbox subordinate that’s been eyeing this acclaimed farming sim, you’ll beryllium blessed to cognize that it’s coming to Xbox Game Pass for console and PC sometime this fall. 

Spacelines From the Far Out

Imagine the co-op insanity of Overcooked but alternatively of trying to run a kitchen, you’re piloting a spaceship. You’re moving your ain enactment of abstraction transports and you’ll request to maestro flying, hacking, cooking, dancing, and different skills to support passengers blessed and your concern afloat. Spacelines looks adjacent parts absurd and chaotic and it’s coming this fall. You tin besides play a demo close now!

The Artful Escape

The showcase concluded with a caller gameplay video for The Artful Escape. As we learned during past week’s Annapurna Showcase, the psychedelic sidescroller arrives connected September 9 connected Xbox consoles and PC and a caller video gave america a look astatine Carl Weathers’ wacky sock wearing quality and much of the game's beautiful, music-fueled platforming. 

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