Saint John Police investigate reports of stunt driving

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Posted July 18, 2021 3:45 pm

Tire marks near connected Station St. adjacent TD Station successful Saint John, N.B., connected July 18, 2021. Police are investigating reports of stunt driving successful the area. Tim Roszell/Global News

Saint John Police are investigating aft reports of stunt driving adjacent TD Station.

Police accidental the incidents happened Saturday.

When officers arrive, a assemblage of bystanders was reportedly encouraging drivers to execute “burnouts oregon donuts,” and squealing tires arsenic the near the TD Station parking lot.

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One serviceman attempted a conveyance stop, but constabulary accidental radical stepped successful beforehand of his vehicle. They accidental a vessel was thrown, causing insignificant damage.

Some tickets were issued, but nary arrests were made.

Police are asking anyone successful the country astatine the clip who whitethorn person witnessed thing to interaction them.

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