Samsung Unpacked: New Galaxy Watch4 Series packs sensors and thoughtful UI features

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The onboard BioActive Sensor is 3 sensors successful one, but what are the standout features and however does the hardware stack up to erstwhile generations?


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On Wednesday, Samsung kicked disconnected its August Unpacked event. The yearly matter routinely features a wide scope of user electronics merchandise unveilings from foldable phones to tablets and this twelvemonth was nary different. One of the standout merchandise reveals includes the Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic smartwatches. So, what are the standout features and however does the hardware stack up to erstwhile generations?

"We person seen an unthinkable magnitude of maturation for the Galaxy Watch bid arsenic consumers have  discovered the wellness benefits and convenience of wearables," said TM Roh, president and caput of mobile communications concern astatine Samsung Electronics, successful a property release. "We recognize the way to wellness is  antithetic for everyone, truthful we built a robust suite of wellness and wellness features to springiness radical a  deeper and much adjuvant knowing of their wide fitness."

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Samsung Unpacked: Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic

The Galaxy Watch4 boasts the single-chip BioActive Sensor that features 3 sensors wide to measurement optical bosom rate, electrical bosom and bioelectrical impedance analysis, according to Samsung. These monitors alteration wearers to measure humor pressure, place irregular cardiac rhythms and adjacent gauge humor oxygen levels; the second being a timely summation amid a planetary contagion known to impact humor oxygenation successful immoderate people.

Additionally, a caller instrumentality to measurement assemblage creation volition seizure thousands of information points successful astir 15 seconds to supply wearers with "a deeper knowing of their wide wellness and fitness" utilizing measurements specified arsenic skeletal musculus mass, assemblage h2o and abdominous percentages and basal metabolic rate, per Samsung.

Fitness and slumber tracking

The watches besides see interactive offerings and capabilities to way wellness metrics and support radical connected apical of their fittingness goals. For example, erstwhile the Galaxy Watch4 is connected to a compatible Samsung Smart TV, radical tin peruse guided workouts and enactment successful radical challenges with peers, according to Samsung, and immoderate of these captured wellness metrics volition beryllium displayed connected the surface for data-rich workout regimens.

When paired with a compatible smartphone, the ticker and telephone pairing adhd a multilayered presumption of a person's sleeping habits. For example, the ticker volition gauge humor oxygen levels portion the smartphone "detects the sounds of your snores," according to the release.

User acquisition and motion controls

The watches besides see caller UI and OS features to note. For example, the One UI Watch volition automatically instal compatible apps downloaded connected a person's phone, and sync different "important" settings specified arsenic blocked callers lists and bash not disturb preferences, according to Samsung. 

The strategy besides includes features to assistance earbuds power audio betwixt compatible phones and smartwatches and motion controls fto radical judge oregon disregard telephone calls by simply lifting a forearm doubly oregon doubly rotating a wrist.

The Wear OS level provides entree to the app ecosystem including third-party offerings.

Tech specs and pricing

On the inside, Galaxy Watch4 Series includes 16 GB of memory, a 5nm processor and offers "20% faster CPU and 50% much RAM, and a GPU 10 times faster" compared with the erstwhile procreation smartwatch, per Samsung. Display solution up to 450 by 450 pixels and 40 hours of usage per complaint circular retired the standout specs.

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Today, the Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic are disposable for pre-order and retail availability is acceptable for Aug. 27. The institution said radical who preorder the Galaxy Watch4 oregon Galaxy Watch4 Classic from Aug. 11 done Aug.26 "can get a $50 Samsung credit."

Galaxy Watch4 pricing starts astatine $249.99. The 40mm ticker volition beryllium disposable successful black, metallic and pinkish gold, and the 44 mm options see black, metallic and a "sophisticated green." Galaxy Watch4 Classic pricing starts astatine $349.99 and the disposable 42 mm and 46 mm models travel successful either achromatic oregon silver.

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