Schmooze Some Weapons In Boyfriend Dungeons – New Gameplay Today

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Admit it, you've looked astatine a finely crafted sword oregon dagger earlier and thought to yourself, "Self, that's a sexy weapon." While the thought whitethorn person conscionable been a fleeting appreciation – don't lie, it's a harmless abstraction here – Kitfox Games' latest adventure, Boyfriend Dungeon, doesn't fto your dreams conscionable beryllium dreams. It besides conscionable truthful happens to beryllium that these weapons crook into smokin' blistery romance options. Today, we're diving successful with nary shame, taking a person look astatine the satellite of Boyfriend Dungeon and the emotion that tin beryllium recovered astatine the extremity of a precise pointed dagger. 

The premise of Boyfriend Dungeon is simple: Person meets weapon. Person accepts limb turns into a human. Person dates weapon. Person dates each the weapons. A perfectly good weekend, if you inquire us. Playing arsenic a quality that has near location to find themselves, you'll travel crossed a assortment of antithetic radical to larn much about. Some of them volition consciousness platonic, which means much friends successful your corner, portion others volition seizure that fancy with an aggravated fire. And erstwhile you're not schmoozing connected epic dates and sipping connected good wine, you're defeating deadly monsters successful the ... mall. These are nary mean foes, either. These bare foes travel successful the signifier of old-school flip phones, VHS tapes, and different nostalgic throwbacks. It's a chaotic thrust and 1 that doesn't instrumentality itself excessively earnestly portion besides showing the quality of quality connection. And if you hap to conscionable immoderate cuties passim your adventure? Well, the much the merrier. 

So articulation Alex Stadnik, Dan Tack, and Liana Ruppert arsenic they dive into the hidden magic of Boyfriend Dungeon. There's speech of boning, turning down d-bags, and conscionable chatting astir what a charming rogue lite this is. So travel bent retired and articulation the amusive earlier checking retired Boyfriend Dungeon for yourself connected Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch, as good arsenic Xbox Game Pass!

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