Scottish Festival in Fergus hosts second virtual event

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The Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games is celebrating a milestone.

It’s the 2nd effort astatine its 75th day aft the COVID-19 pandemic postponed past year’s unrecorded lawsuit and caused it to spell virtual.

Festival coordinator Elizabeth Bender said they learned lessons successful 2020.

“We learned a ton past year,” she said.

Last year, she said, arsenic galore radical attended the virtual festival arsenic the unrecorded event. The virtual lawsuit besides attracted a batch of radical who hadn’t been to a Scottish festival before, truthful organizers learned to guarantee attendees get a Scottish experience.

“It’s not your emblematic euphony festival. We’ve got your sporting events, your practice and acquisition components and we’ve got things for children.”

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Bender said the play volition person an array of amusement and acquisition pieces and the festival volition inactive tally arsenic if it were a unrecorded event.

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There volition beryllium respective activities including the Wee Digital Ceilidh 2 GO and Paint the Town Tartan decorating contest. She said they wanted to spell a measurement further this twelvemonth with longer elements of euphony from their guests, much in-depth interviews and tours.

Bender said the festival’s authenticity helps marque it a fashionable event.

“They’re elements that springiness radical a taste, but it’s absorbing and it’s new,” she said.

“And we’re not truly your emblematic festival truthful immoderate you like, you’re going to get a small sensation of. And truthful possibly you travel to an lawsuit but you don’t person a accidental to spell into the practice structure and be a Gaelic workshop, oregon possibly you don’t person a accidental to spell to the whiskey tasting. We’re going to bring it each to you this year.”

Organizers besides held the 75th Gala 2 Go lawsuit connected Aug. 12 to footwear disconnected the festival.

The festival begins Aug. 13 and is escaped to attend. Bender says the gates volition unfastened astatine 5 p.m.

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The festival ends connected Aug. 15 and the gates adjacent astatine 4 p.m.

You tin sojourn their website for much information.

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