Sean Hannity’s Plea for Viewers to “Take Covid Seriously” Has Been Viewed More Than 2 Million Times

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Fox News property Sean Hannity’s plea for viewers to “take Covid seriously” has been viewed much than 2 cardinal times since it was uploaded to societal media.

Hannity’s connection aft much than a twelvemonth of promoting Covid denial connected his program.

“Please instrumentality COVID seriously, I can’t accidental it enough. Enough radical person died, we don’t request much deaths,” helium said. “Research similar crazy, speech to your doctor, your doctors, aesculapian professionals you spot based connected your unsocial aesculapian history, your existent aesculapian information and you and your doc marque a precise important determination for your ain safety. Take it seriously.”

“You besides person a close to aesculapian privacy, doctor-patient confidentiality is besides important and it perfectly makes consciousness for galore Americans to get vaccinated,” helium concluded. “I judge successful subject and I judge successful the subject of vaccination.”

Hannity: Please instrumentality COVID earnestly

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According to studies conducted past twelvemonth by the Harvard Kennedy School Misinformation Review, the National Bureau of Economic Research, and the University of Chicago (among others), coronavirus corruption and mortality rates are higher successful areas wherever Fox News big Sean Hannity has his widest audience.

“We are receiving an unthinkable fig of studies and coagulated information showing that consuming far-right media and societal media contented was powerfully associated with debased interest astir the microorganism astatine the onset of the pandemic,” said Irene Pasquetto, main exertion of the Harvard Kennedy School Misinformation Review.

One survey examined the quality betwixt Hannity’s sum of the coronavirus pandemic and that of chap Fox News property Tucker Carlson.

“Carlson warned viewers that the coronavirus mightiness airs a superior menace from aboriginal February, portion Hannity archetypal ignored the taxable connected his amusement and past dismissed the risks associated with the virus, claiming that it was little concerning than the communal flu and insisting that Democrats were utilizing it arsenic a governmental limb to undermine the president,” researchers noted.

“Our results bespeak that a 1 modular deviation summation successful comparative viewership of Hannity relative to Tucker Carlson Tonight is associated with astir 32 percent much COVID-19 cases connected March 14 and astir 23 percent much COVID-19 deaths connected March 28,” the authors write, noting that the differences betwixt the 2 hosts’ sum slice considerably aft March 2020.

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