'Sexy Beasts' dresses up 'The Dating Game' in 'The Masked Singer's' makeup

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(CNN)Dating shows support getting weirder, but the basal look remains remarkably faithful to the aboriginal days of television. So connected the heels of Netflix's "Love is Blind" (which returns adjacent week) and successful beforehand of HBO Max's "FBoy Island" comes "Sexy Beasts," which weds the hidden-face conceit of "The Masked Singer" to "The Dating Game," yielding predictably ridiculous results.

In each episode, a subordinate successful dense prosthetic constitution is presented with 3 imaginable matches, each likewise adorned successful antithetic guises. The thought is for the chooser to get to cognize the candidates without being unduly influenced by looks (Netflix truly likes this construct), earlier the large uncover erstwhile helium oregon she and the assemblage gets to spot what the bachelors/bachelorettes really look like.

Like different Netflix dating entries, this British-originated amusement besides features a cheeky narrator offering wry asides. When 1 of the not-selected contenders is presented without the makeup, the disembodied dependable asks, "Is this look blistery capable to marque Emma regret her decision?"

    But clasp on, there's an inherent cheat built into the format, lacking adjacent the courageousness of its slim conceit, since everyone -- stripped of their prosthetic appliances -- is charismatic by accepted standards and those of the genre. In 1 episode, the bachelorette announces that she's a model, and she's not wearing a sackcloth, truthful arsenic dice rolls spell betting connected whether she looks OK erstwhile she removes the disguise isn't overmuch of a gamble.

      So what does that leave? A amusement consciously designed to garner attention, which has succeeded successful the past. In world TV, making amusive of a conception is good arsenic agelong arsenic you get the sanction right, and 15 minutes of fame is ever worthy it, adjacent if that means donning the equivalent of the cumbersome constitution that Tim Curry wore successful "Legend."

      "FBoy Island" appears to employment a akin strategy of tweaking an existing format, representing different permutation connected "The Bachelor" with a provocative title. Premiering aboriginal this month, the conception features 3 women choosing imaginable mates from a postulation of 2 twelve competitors divided into "Nice Guys" -- those seeking a genuine emotion transportation -- and "FBoys," who are aft thing else.

      The perceived viability of the dating look is evident successful the mode networks and services support churning retired specified shows -- differentiating them with tiny strands of caller DNA -- yielding a bumper harvest that presently includes a 2nd play of "Love Island" connected CBS.

        If programming executives tin support enticing viewers with specified flimsy wobbles connected acquainted themes, it's hard to blasted them. Still, for those who are discriminating astatine each -- oregon astatine slightest similar that a show's premise isn't a batch of hooey -- the main regret aft "Sexy Beasts" volition beryllium the determination to discarded overmuch clip watching it.

        "Sexy Beasts" premieres July 21 connected Netflix.

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