Shontel Brown Victory Over Nina Turner In Ohio Proves The Power Of The Biden Brand

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Shontel Brown defeated Nina Turner to triumph the peculiar predetermination Democratic House superior successful Ohio’s 11th district.

Turner started retired the contention arsenic the favourite to regenerate existent Biden Secretary of Housing Marsha Fudge, but she is losing to Brown 50%-44% with 86% of the ballot counted.

Having learned perfectly nothing, Turner claimed that “evil money” defeated her:

"I'm going to enactment hard to marque definite this doesn't hap to different progressive campaign… spot we tin suffer this race," Turner said aft conceding to Shontel Brown successful #OH11's Dem primary. "It took evil wealth to bash this."

— aaron navarro (@aaronlarnavarro) August 4, 2021

It wasn’t evil wealth that got her defeated. It was calling beloved figure, Rep. Jim Clyburn stupid, and refusing to accidental if she would ballot for President Biden’s docket that apt outgo Turner votes.

Turner seemed to hide that she was moving successful a Democratic primary. Democrats ballot successful Democratic primaries, and Democrats truly really similar Joe Biden, truthful positioning herself arsenic an anti-Biden Democrat was not the champion idea.

The Democratic Party belongs to Joe Biden. Biden is the strongest marque successful the party, and if a campaigner wants to beryllium palmy successful a Democratic primary, they would beryllium omniscient to enactment the Biden agenda.

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