Sicamous evacuation order extended at least a week as wildfires hold steady: Mayor

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The evacuation bid for immoderate Sicamous residents volition beryllium extended for astatine slightest different week, according to the District of Sicamous.

“That’s the effect we got from the crews that are up determination close now,” said Sicamous Mayor Terry Rysz.

“We are going to clasp this evacuation bid successful spot for a minimum of 7 to 10 days. I cognize (residents) are not going to similar proceeding this, but we are taking the proposal from the professionals.”

There is small to nary accommodation for evacuees successful Sicamous immoderate evacuees said off-camera, but declined interviews.

Rysz is asking Sicamous residents who whitethorn person other abstraction successful their homes to assistance out.

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“At the seniors center, they are taking accusation of radical that tin enactment their location up, and delight if you person that space, springiness the assemblage immoderate help,” said Rysz.

The Two Mile Road wildfire did not turn overnight, according to the BC Wildfire Service.

However, the Sicamous Fire Department’s main said determination is interest with the northbound flank of the occurrence astatine Sicamous Creek.

“The terrain is precise steep and difficult, arsenic you tin imagine,” said Brett Oringo, Sicamous’ occurrence chief.

“If it were to cross, we would past person a occurrence coming astir the backside of Sicamous and that would not beryllium bully — determination is simply a menace that it tin transverse (the creek).”

Thirty-two B.C. wildfire firefighters on with 15 Sicamous firefighters are battling the blaze.

They accidental the occurrence is inactive precise progressive and retired of control, and is inactive estimated to beryllium 1,000 hectares successful size.

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