Simone Biles Cleared to Compete, Wins Bronze in Balance Beam

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Aug. 3, 2021 -- Simone Biles made a celebrated instrumentality to the Tokyo Olympics, with a past basal connected the equilibrium beam that earned her a bronze medal, her record-tying seventh career medal.

Biles, who entered with conscionable the seventh-highest qualifying score, finished 3rd with a people of 14.000. China’s 16-year-old sensation Guan Chenchen (14.633) won gold, and teammate Tang Xijing Tag (14.233) took silver. They were the 2 highest qualifiers and frankincense the favorites to triumph the event.

“I was conscionable blessed to beryllium capable to execute careless of the outcome,” Biles said. “I did it for me, and I was blessed to beryllium capable to vie 1 much time. … Training for 5 years and coming present and benignant of being triggered and not being capable to bash thing wasn’t fun.”

Biles has been struggling with the “twisties” since the squad last a week ago, pulling retired of that competition aft she stumbled connected 1 of her regular vaults. She cited her inability to execute owed to intelligence stress, which prompted a amusement of enactment for the gymnast each crossed societal media.

She didn’t decorativeness the squad competition, and she pulled retired of the all-around, vault, uneven bars, and level finals she had qualified for. She was the defending golden medalist connected each but bars.

To beryllium capable to suffice for the equilibrium beam competition, she had 2 sessions with a sports psychologist.

“That truly helped maine enactment level-headed and beryllium OK with missing the different finals,” Biles said. “Watching them, being the girls’ biggest cheerleader, wasn’t wherever I wanted to beryllium coming into this Olympics, particularly aft qualifying for 5 [finals]. But I physically knew I virtually couldn’t bash it.”

Biles was besides medically evaluated each day, and she had to reply questions from a doc from the International Gymnastics Federation connected Monday nighttime to beryllium cleared to compete.

Biles said that she has been trying to enactment done the twisties, which is however gymnasts picture the abrupt disconnect betwixt their aerial consciousness and the musculus representation their bodies person built up implicit time. They cannot archer wherever they are successful the aerial and how, oregon if, they volition land.

It’s unsafe for immoderate gymnast, but for Biles -- whose gymnastics are the astir hard of anyone successful the satellite -- it carries important hazard of injury.

Because she could not execute immoderate twists, she replaced her mean dismount with a treble pike.

“I’ve been grooming beam each day. We conscionable last-minute decided to power the dismount, which I astir apt person not done since I was similar 12 years old,” Biles said. “On the beam, that enactment is easy. I’ve ever been capable to do, but it’s conscionable coming disconnected we didn’t cognize what we were going to bash oregon vie successful the final.”

Upon cleanly landing her dismount, Biles sported a grin and acknowledged the cheers signifier teammates, opponents, officials, and everyone other gathered astatine the competition.

“The lone crushed wherefore I could bash beam was due to the fact that determination was nary twisting,” she said, “so convey God for that.”

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