Skate City Gets A New Tokyo Level

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In solemnisation of skateboarding being included successful the Olympics for the precise archetypal time, Skate City has been updated with a caller Tokyo, Japan level, disposable today. As steadfast Snowman tells it, this level is the biggest added to the crippled to date. It's disposable exclusively done Apple Arcade.

The level volition harvester assorted parts of Tokyo, including celebrated skate spots from the real-world city, caller ample metropolitan areas, and tiny backstreets. The caller level volition besides travel with 21 caller challenges, 30 caller goals successful Skate City's Endless Skate mode, caller songs successful the game's soundtrack, caller skateboard decks and apparel successful the shop, and a caller leaderboard. 

Check retired the level's caller trailer close here:

"For the past fewer years, we’ve been looking for an absorbing mode to necktie a real-world lawsuit into thing we make, but we ne'er wanted to bash thing that didn’t consciousness meaningful," Snowman co-founder Ryan Cash said successful a connection astir the update. "When the Tokyo games were announced, it was a no-brainer for us. Skateboarding’s coming to the Olympics for the archetypal clip successful history, which is simply a triumphant infinitesimal for the sport. We knew we had to beryllium portion of it successful immoderate tiny way.”

"Skateboarding being included successful the Olympics for the archetypal clip is simply a beauteous large taste milestone for the sport," Snowman elder shaper Andrew Schimmel added. "We wanted to observe the infinitesimal by releasing our instrumentality connected 1 of our astir favourite cities successful the world: Tokyo." 

While the caller Tokyo level is exclusive to the Apple Arcade subscription service, Snowman precocious brought Skate City to consoles and PC backmost successful May. The crippled is besides disposable connected PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch. Snowman precocious added a major expansion to one of its different games, Alto's Odyssey, released connected July 16.

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