'Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins' and 'Masters of the Universe' roll out old toys in new packages

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(CNN)Old toys ne'er die. They conscionable support coming backmost successful caller poses and flexing antithetic muscles arsenic movies and TV shows.

This play brings 2 fashionable artifacts from galore a puerility backmost to screens: "Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins" hits theaters, with Henry Golding ("Crazy Rich Asians") arsenic the martial-arts warrior; and "Master of the Universe: Revelation" lands connected Netflix, offering manager Kevin Smith's updated animated rotation connected the series, bringing a spot much powerfulness and surely higher stakes for those weaned connected the stiff constricted animation of the 1980s.

"Snake Eyes" represents the 3rd live-action "G.I. Joe" movie -- 8 years aft the past introduction -- drafting upon a Hasbro artifact franchise introduced successful the '60s. Yet arsenic overmuch arsenic the movie appears to yearn to jump-start the franchise, it seems to person forgotten to fuss with a coherent script, leaving 1 to wonderment however a movie with this overmuch enactment someway manages to beryllium truthful boring.

    Golding's rubric quality is introduced arsenic a kid fixed a beardown information for revenge. When we conscionable him 2 decades later, helium remains connected that quest, starring him to Japan and into the satellite of an past clan known arsenic the Arashikage.

      For overmuch of the archetypal hour, Snake Eyes seeks to find his spot successful their hierarchy, which keeps investigating his worthy adjacent arsenic they look an exterior menace from the Yakuza, a shadowy transgression enterprise.

      Yes, there's yet country for the terror-fighting Joes and their bitter force Cobra to compression into the narrative, but manager Robert Schwentke ("RED") and a trio of screenwriters instrumentality the "origins" portion truthful earnestly that the communicative inches on for 2 hours -- punctuated by martial-arts enactment and fretting astir a magical artifact -- earlier fundamentally moving retired of time.

      Golding makes a coagulated hero, with Andrew Koji and Haruka Abe arsenic cardinal clan members -- 1 having welcomed him into their ranks, the different skeptical. But there's lone truthful overmuch that actors tin bash with worldly this woefully thin, turning "Snake Eyes" into a movie that approximates the look of enactment figures, but yet can't conjure the extent of them.

      Skeletor (voiced by Mark Hamill) and He-Man (Chris Wood) look   disconnected  successful  'Masters of the Universe: Revelation.'

      As for "Masters of the Universe," Smith presents a refreshed instrumentality connected the archetypal show, augmented by a big-name dependable cast, including Mark Hamill arsenic Skeletor, Sarah Michelle Gellar arsenic Teela and a brace of "Game of Thrones" alums, Lena Headey and Liam Cunningham, arsenic Evil-Lyn and Man-At-Arms, respectively.

      Basically picking up wherever earlier versions near off, the code is edgier and intelligibly much ambitious, opening with the information that there's existent fighting, and the menace to Eternia is of a quality that imperils the universe.

      Smith approaches it each earnestly -- oregon astatine slightest arsenic earnestly arsenic you tin erstwhile a feline hoists a sword and shouts "By the powerfulness of Grayskull!"

      For those expecting thing genuinely boundary-pushing, remainder assured, nary 1 volition confuse this with "Clerks." Indeed, but possibly for those heavy steeped successful "Masters" lore, the enactment grinds on telling a serialized communicative that's billed a "Part I."

      Smith explained his fondness for "Masters of the Universe" successful a enactment to critics, writing, "Reverence for the root worldly was our archetypal priority. We knew we were playing with people's childhoods here, and we didn't privation to negate oregon ruin their blessed memories of the classical cartoon they grew up loving."

      With owed respect to fans, those cartoons weren't precise good. Moreover, determination was an unsavory facet to the toy-based TV shows of the 1980s, which the precocious activistic Peggy Charren astatine the clip dubbed "program-length commercials" that were "created to merchantability things," portion she advocated for amended programming aimed astatine kids.

      Today, younger audiences person a immense assortment of options, if usually astatine a price. Yet portion the packaging is different, "Snake Eyes" and "Masters of the Universe: Revelation" mostly uncover that the much things change, the much they enactment the same.

        "Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins" premieres successful US theaters connected July 23. It's rated PG-13.

        "Masters of the Universal: Revelation" premieres connected Netflix connected July 23.

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