Some B.C. residents feel left behind with app-only access to personal health records

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Some seniors accidental B.C.’s latest inaugural connected idiosyncratic wellness records is leaving them behind.

Health Gateway is simply a azygous spot for residents to entree their records, COVID-19 trial results, and immunization records.

However, to entree it, you indispensable download the BC Service Card mobile app.

“Someone is making assumptions that for immoderate reason, mobile apps are the reply to everything,” said Don Robinson.

Robinson, who is simply a elder and visually impaired, said he’s managed to participate the integer property successfully, but is perplexed arsenic to wherefore a mobile app is needed to entree his idiosyncratic wellness records.

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The state has said that a idiosyncratic tin entree Health Gateway done their mobile instrumentality oregon done a desktop machine that’s paired with their mobile device.

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But Robinson said nary of the iOS devices helium owns volition tally the app due to the fact that the operating systems are excessively old.

“I deliberation they should conscionable consult with radical much than they do. I deliberation there’s excessively overmuch assuming and making assumptions that don’t basal up to scrutiny. If they asked the close people, the close radical would archer them wherever they are going disconnected track,” helium said.

In effect to a petition for comment, the Ministry of Health told Consumer Matters it is alert that radical are having occupation accessing Health Gateway done the BC Services Card app.

“We’re moving to amended the mode that radical tin easy get their COVID immunization records and determination volition beryllium much accusation connected what this volition look similar successful the adjacent future,” the ministry said.

The state has besides said the app is needed due to the fact that it tin necessitate a robust individuality verification process for privateness reasons and debar information risks astir delicate and idiosyncratic information.

Still, 1 cybersecurity adept said that portion having other layers of information is encouraging, the information that Health Gateway is not accessible to everyone is simply a concern.

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“I’m blessed the state has made this app disposable for those that tin usage it — it works great,” said Chester Wisniewski, a cybersecurity specializer astatine Sophos.

“The question is wherefore are determination nary alternatives disposable for radical who are incapable to entree it? They surely could person done better.”

When it comes to having a grounds of COVID-19 vaccinations, the state has said that if a idiosyncratic doesn’t person entree to Health Gateway, they whitethorn get a insubstantial transcript oregon a vaccination paper that is fixed to them erstwhile they are vaccinated.

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