Steve Bannon, Who Regularly Platforms Mike Lindell, Blasts the My Pillow Guy For Failing to Show Evidence of His Election Claims [VIDEO]

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Steve Bannon helped get Donald Trump voted into office. He was fired by Trump soon aft the erstwhile president entered the White House. Trump mocked him connected the mode out, saying that Bannon cried and pleaded to support his job.

There don’t look to beryllium immoderate hard feelings, though. On his War Room Pandemic Show, Bannon often has guests connected who are excessively utmost for adjacent Newsmax oregon OAN. And main among them is Mike Lindell.

Lindell has been spouting predetermination conspiracies connected War Room Pandemic for months. But Bannon precocious mocked My Pillow Guy’s Cyber Symposium for failing to supply immoderate grounds of his claims.

This is simply a precise engaged assemblage and we recognize radical are engaged,” said Bannon. “People person said, ‘Hey, Mike’s been retired determination for a agelong clip doing this and it’s clip present to get to the details.”

The erstwhile Trump strategist continued, “I would person done it differently. Mike is his ain guy. I understand. It’s his show. I would person travel retired and overwhelmed instantly with packet captures and information and show, hey, here’s what I got, propulsion the camera backmost and past framework it and past proceed on.”

Lindell has failed to amusement immoderate grounds of his claims, of course, due to the fact that helium doesn’t person any. It looks similar Bannon won’t spell arsenic acold arsenic calling him retired connected that.

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