Survey: 70% of institutional investors ready to buy crypto

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Research by Fidelity Digital Assets showed that 90% of those funny successful buying integer assets program to bash truthful successful the adjacent 5 years

A caller survey recovered that 70% of organization investors expect investing successful oregon buying integer assets astatine immoderate constituent successful the future, according to a Reuters report today.

The survey was conducted betwixt December 2020 and April 2021 by organization crypto custody services supplier Fidelity Digital Assets with Coalition Greenwich and the Fidelity Center for Applied Technology.

The 1,100 planetary organization investors from Fidelity Digital Assets surveyed included hedge funds, precocious nett worthy investors, fiscal advisors, household offices and endowments.

About a 3rd of American respondents already clasp integer plus investments, which is an summation from the 27% who held integer assets successful 2020. Meanwhile, conscionable implicit fractional of the investors surveyed crossed the US, Europe and Asia clasp investments successful integer assets.

The survey showed that 80% of organization investors judge that integer assets person a spot successful their portfolios, with Asian respondents having the strongest content portion 77% of Europeans agreed and 69% of Americans.

This revealed a marked alteration from a erstwhile survey conducted by Fidelity Digital Assets betwixt November 2019 and March 2020, successful which conscionable 60% of organization investors thought integer assets belonged successful their concern portfolio.

Head of Sales and Marketing astatine Fidelity, Christine Sandler, told Institutional Investor today, “There’s an wide affirmative sentiment astir integer assets. By 2026, we expect integer assets to beryllium adjacent much mainstream.”

The survey would look to backmost this up arsenic astir 90% of those funny successful investing successful integer assets successful the aboriginal expect doing truthful wrong the adjacent 5 years, either straight oregon via vulnerability done concern products oregon crypto stocks.

There are, however, inactive factors that are slowing down organization adoption. The probe showed that investors judge the biggest obstacle is terms volatility, portion different causes of reticence see marketplace manipulation concerns and a deficiency of transparency, tools and fundamentals to measure the worth of cryptocurrencies.

Despite these worries, determination is inactive intelligibly a increasing involvement successful cryptocurrencies among institutions. The hopes of respondents for the aboriginal of integer plus investing see amended crypto information and security, arsenic good arsenic much services, similar marketplace and information analytics and greater entree to physics trading platforms.

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