Team Fortress 2 Mod Aims To Remake The Game Using Half Life: Alyx's Engine

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Team Fortress 2, despite a merchandise mode backmost successful 2007, remains a fashionable go-to online shooter that continues to impressment with its concurrent subordinate account. The crippled offers strategy, comedy, and conscionable a bully time, which is wherefore this peculiar mod undertaking is 1 to note. 

A radical of modders are utilizing the aforesaid motor Valve utilized for Half-Life: Alyx to fundamentally remake Team Fortress 2. Team Fortress S2 is the name, and the task consists of a squad of passionate gamers coming unneurotic to further animate emotion successful the TF2 community. "We emotion it for its gameplay, story, its unsocial formed of characters and environments," boasts this radical of modders, and they are showing that emotion by making this experience even better. 

"A fewer months ago, when s&box started to merchandise entree to the Source 2 tools and ways to make customized crippled modes, we started to inquire ourselves: 'How would TF2 look similar if it was ported to Source 2?' We cognize that Source 2 provides a batch of graphical improvements arsenic good arsenic a caller physics engine," says the team erstwhile reflecting connected however this task came to be. "It is simply a batch much up-to-date to modern crippled improvement standards, compared to the two-decades-old Source, yet akin successful immoderate ways. So seeing this crippled successful a caller modern motor truly interests us."

Now is seemingly the cleanable clip to research this task further due to the fact that that's precisely what the TF: S2 unit is doing; they're making it hap adjacent if the sanction for this mod is inactive a enactment successful progress. The extremity end is to wholly recreate Team Fortress 2 with Source 2, offering enhancements to the sequel overmuch similar an authoritative remake would. To marque a "truly caller unsocial Team Fortress experience," this radical of dedicated fans is all-in erstwhile it comes to making this imaginativeness a reality, and we can't hold to spot the last result. 

To larn much astir this ambitious Team Fortress 2 remake project, cheque retired the group's authoritative website close here. You tin besides larn much astir the joys of modding with a piece I wrote here that dives into however "breaking" games makes them much peculiar and enjoyable. 

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