Terrorism peace bond placed on Ontario man for four years

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An Ontario antheral who travelled to Syria and called for attacks successful Canada has been placed connected a terrorism bid bond that requires him to deterioration a GPS monitoring instrumentality and acquisition de-radicalization.

The 26 restrictions imposed connected Kevin Omar Mohamed whitethorn beryllium the strongest yet approved by the courts since Canadian constabulary began utilizing bid bonds against extremists drawn to the struggle successful Syria.

Although coercion bid bonds typically stay successful effect for a year, Mohamed’s is for 4 years and bans him not lone from owning weapons oregon utilizing societal media, but besides from driving.

He indispensable deterioration a tracking instrumentality for 2 years and is required to instrumentality portion successful counselling and disengagement programs recommended by Project ReSet, a federally-funded program.

“So acold arsenic I callback this is by acold the strongest that I person seen,” said Prof. Michael Nesbitt of the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Law.

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“Certainly arsenic concerns bid bonds, either mostly oregon the circumstantial coercion bid bonds, this is towards the beardown extremity of what you would ever expect to see.”

Terrorism bid bonds are 1 of the tools utilized by Canadian authorities to woody with alleged returnees — extremists who near Canada to articulation panic groups, and past came back.

“They are a means of establishing immoderate power implicit individuals abbreviated of a complaint oregon conviction,” reads a 2016 RCMP document. “Peace bonds bash not afloat mitigate the hazard posed by an individual.”

The coercion bid enslaved placed connected Mohamed came into effect connected May 6. It was not publically announced astatine the time, but the details were obtained by Global News from Ontario tribunal documents.

“It’s harsh,” said Mohamed’s lawyer, Paul Slansky.

The conditions were worked retired successful discussions with prosecutors, helium said.

“That was the Crown’s position, and my instructions were to settee and not to litigate.”

A 28-year-old nonmigratory of Whitby, Ont., Mohamed has already served a situation condemnation for terrorism.

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In 2014, helium travelled to Syria to articulation the section Al Qaeda affiliate Jabhat Al-Nusrah, and utilized societal media accounts to promote attacks successful the West.

He returned to Canada and pleaded guilty to participating successful the enactment of a violent group.

The Parole Board of Canada said it was acrophobic helium might perpetrate further violent offences, but helium was released anyhow successful 2019.

About a twelvemonth later, constabulary arrested Mohamed once again, this clip for breaching a probation information that banned him from possessing an physics instrumentality that could entree the internet.

The RCMP past asked the Ontario tribunal for a coercion bid bond, alleging they had uncovered grounds Mohamed could airs a hazard to nationalist safety.

The bid enslaved imposed connected Mohamed bans him from possessing a passport, violent literature, explosives, bomb-making materials, firearms and “any weapon oregon cutting tool.”

He is not permitted to usage societal media platforms specified arsenic Twitter and Facebook for 3 years, arsenic good arsenic encrypted messaging applications and physics devices that tin link to the internet.

He cannot subordinate oregon pass with anyone progressive with oregon supportive of a violent group, oregon who holds “views that enactment oregon advocator unit oregon convulsive extremism.”

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“He was released from custody connected strict conditions,” said Nathalie Houle, spokesperson for the Public Prosecution Service of Canada, which handles coercion cases.

 'How constabulary  tracked Ontario panic  fishy  Kevin Omar Mohamed' 0:57 How constabulary tracked Ontario panic fishy Kevin Omar Mohamed

How constabulary tracked Ontario panic fishy Kevin Omar Mohamed – Oct 31, 2017

Mohamed has described himself connected societal media accounts arsenic a “supporter of planetary terrorism,” and said, “you shouldn’t unrecorded successful the lands waging warfare connected Islam unless your [Sic] readying attacks against them.”

Writing nether aliases, helium said attacking the West was “really beautiful,” and asked “bros successful the West” wherefore they weren’t conducting much attacks. He suggested “killing susceptible soldiers close now.”

When constabulary archetypal arrested him successful 2016, helium was carrying a ample knife. In his locker astatine the University of Waterloo, constabulary recovered a four-page enactment listing the steps required to behaviour a violent attack.

At his bail hearing, constabulary alleged they had linked him to a social media post sent to an ISIS onslaught planner astir information astatine the Royal Military College successful Kingston.

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