Thanksgiving weekend proves dangerous on Quebec roads, says SQ

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The Thanksgiving play was a deadly 1 connected Quebec roads, with the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) reporting 7 fatal collisions.

While the fig of collisions involving fatalities connected roads monitored by the SQ remained unchanged from 2020, the fig of collisions with injuries jumped from 81 past twelvemonth to 117 this year.

Police stepped up patrols during the vacation play from Oct. 8 to Oct. 11 and issued implicit 6,200 tickets. Of those, much than 4,100 were for speeding.

Among the assorted behaviours cited arsenic the main causes successful collisions causing wounded oregon death, speeding is over-represented, according to police.

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In summation to speeding and reckless driving, constabulary were looking retired for radical not wearing seatbelts, impaired drivers and motorists utilizing a cellphone portion down the wheel.

Out of 296 roadblocks, constabulary arrested 70 radical for driving nether the power of drugs oregon alcohol, oregon a operation of both. The fig of arrests remains unchanged from 2020.

The SQ is urging motorists to follow liable behaviours erstwhile driving to marque Quebec roads safer for everyone.

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