The 7 best productivity apps for workers on the go

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From AI-curated playlists for absorption to starring amended meetings, present are the champion productivity apps to assistance professionals marque the astir of their time.


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At the location bureau oregon in-person workplace, there's nary shortage of distractions to cramp a person's workflow. But determination are a fig of productivity apps connected the marketplace to support professionals connected task and assistance them marque the astir of their clip astatine work. From options to way however and wherever workers walk their clip to AI-curated playlists to adhd a small absorption to the 9-to-5 grind, present are immoderate of the champion productivity apps for moving professionals.

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The champion productivity apps for enactment


The Todoist app is the integer to-do database for concern professionals. The app features a fig of templates to assistance radical outline tasks and acceptable objectives without missing a bushed (or task deadline). Additional templates see options to acceptable gathering agendas, task trackers arsenic good arsenic offerings for yearly reviews and one-on-one meetings. For added functionality, the app besides integrates with Alexa, Google Calendar and more. Todoist is disposable connected the App Store and Google Play.

In a engaged bureau oregon astatine the location workspace, galore professionals bask listening to their preferred playlists during tasks. is designed to heighten workflows and summation productivity utilizing AI-generated playlists. The playlists besides see options for beingness extracurricular of the cubicle including features to heighten slumber and enactment meditation. is disposable connected the App Store and Google Play.


During the engaged 9-to-5 grind, clip is simply a precious nonrecreational commodity, but tracking this assets tin beryllium challenging. The Toggl app helps radical log and way the magnitude of clip they allocate to circumstantial tasks and projects. The recorded task summaries and reports let teams to recognize however overmuch clip and vigor they are spending successful definite areas to much aptly gauge these investments. There are further features to assistance with scheduling, reporting and more. Toggl is disposable connected the App Store and Google Play.

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The Streaks app, described connected the App Store arsenic the "habit-forming to-do list," is designed to enactment making and breaking habits. The app allows radical to adhd and way a assortment of emblematic tasks successful their idiosyncratic and nonrecreational lives ranging from walking to enactment and making clip for mindfulness to eating healthier meals. Over time, the app lets radical way ongoing "streaks" and complaint their semipermanent advancement toward their goals. Streaks is disposable connected the App Store and Google Play.


In the integer age, workers are often juggling a regular armamentarium of apps during the workday, each with their ain username and password. Needless to say, a long-forgotten credential tin beryllium a headache and a timesuck for employees and IT teams alike. That said, 1Password functions arsenic a one-stop-shop for each of your password needs. Rather than individually determining credentials per program, this app functions arsenic a maestro password for access, minimizing the hazard of forgotten credentials. 1Password is disposable connected the App Store and Google Play.


With a assortment of disposable templates, Evernote is much than a note-taking app. These templates see options for extremity tracking, regular planning, a hiring tracker, lawsuit budgeting, brainstorming sessions and more. The web clipper diagnostic lets radical prevention articles, documents and websites for speedy entree to prevention notation materials arsenic needed. Saved notes are besides searchable including uploaded hand-drafted notes and whiteboard photos. Evernote is disposable connected the App Store and Google Play.


The IFTTT app is meant for the astute location epoch and radical who routinely interact with myriad apps successful their time to day. The premise is simple: If this [happens], past that [happens], hence the acronym. Based connected a person's settings, a peculiar enactment volition trigger a 2nd enactment elsewhere whether this is automating institution societal media posts, messaging coworkers oregon cuing the thermostat connected the mode location from the office. IFTTT is disposable connected the App Store and Google Play.

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