The Ark Two, Canada’s largest private bunker, has lost its Noah

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Bruce Beach had ever planned to beryllium astir for the extremity of the world, due to the fact that helium was going to commencement the caller 1 from the information of his sprawling underground bunker.

The wispy-bearded inventor spent fractional of his beingness preparing to beryllium a post-apocalyptic Noah from his location successful Horning’s Mills, a tiny assemblage extracurricular Orangeville, Ont.

Bruce Beach poses for a photograph successful beforehand of his fallout structure successful Horning’s Mills connected July 9, 2015. Marta Iwanek/Toronto Star via Getty Images

He buried 42 schoolhouse buses successful the 1980s and linked them unneurotic into the world’s largest backstage fallout shelter, the Ark Two. Then helium recruited friends, household and chap survivalists to his cause, assembled plans for restarting nine aft the nukes deed and began processing a cosmopolitan connection that would supposedly unite humanity done a communal tongue.

He did each this nether the presumption that the satellite would extremity soon, and that he’d beryllium astir to commencement a caller one.

But Bruce Beach’s beingness came to an extremity earlier the satellite did, aft helium suffered a bosom onslaught astatine property 87. Beach died connected May 10, leaving down an ailing wife, 5 grown children, a monolithic bunker, immoderate half-finished plans for a caller satellite and nary instructions for however to transportation connected without him.

Now his family, friends and followers are facing a cataclysmic question of their own: What next? Will idiosyncratic proceed Beach’s ngo up to and beyond an uncertain Doomsday — oregon volition the Ark Two beryllium buried with its Noah?

Beach was well-known connected quality and exploratory shows arsenic the “bunker guy,” the eccentric Doomsday prepper who dedicated his beingness to an apocalyptic conspiracy theory.

But those who knew him accidental that portrayal falls good abbreviated of the antheral himself. They accidental Beach was an autarkic thinker, a humanitarian and a large dreamer who made 1 of his biggest dreams – the bunker – into a reality.

“This feline has lived an unthinkable life, and the weaponry structure is conscionable 1 chapter,” said filmmaker Paul Kell, who spent 8 years shooting a documentary astir Beach. “He was the world’s astir successful, astir grandiose nonaccomplishment imaginable.”

Beach dabbled successful apocalyptic, libertarian and anti-vaccine conspiracy theories, but helium was besides a generous antheral who would unfastened his location and his bunker to anyone, arsenic agelong arsenic they were consenting to enactment successful the work.

“He wouldn’t instrumentality wealth from you per se, but … if you privation his time, you person to springiness your time,” said Bahia Eldner, Beach’s eldest girl from his 2nd marriage.

Beach would often inquire radical to chop logs for his wood stove earlier letting them into the Ark. Curious visitors and the occasional writer would wage that terms conscionable to get a look astatine the structure, portion existent believers would connection much of their clip conscionable to beryllium portion of Beach’s grander project.

“People could ever travel and person a meal, and radical were ever moving connected the shelter,” Eldner said.

“He had a ngo to service and to marque things amended and rebuild,” said Adam Himer, a 30-year-old technologist who helped Beach astatine the bunker for a decade.

Himer says the bunker was a “symbol” of Beach’s ambitions, due to the fact that helium built it to prevention hundreds of radical – not solely his ain family. It was that “humanitarian” trait that attracted galore others to his cause, according to Antonia Lau, a proclaimed psychic and salient subordinate of Beach’s wide-reaching bunker community.

“What I loved astir astir him is helium inspired galore much to attraction for others, not conscionable your family,” Lau said.

She has since taken implicit his long-running prepper newsletter, which goes retired to astir 2,000 radical astir the world.

Beach would rankle friends and section officials with his stubborn dedication to the bunker, but helium besides earned their respect.

“He was a beauteous guardant thinker … a large negotiator, a large barterer,” said Melancthon Township Mayor Darren White, whose assemblage includes Horning’s Mills. “It’s a nonaccomplishment for the community, for idiosyncratic with truthful overmuch quality and truthful overmuch section colour to beryllium gone.”

Beach was best-known for the end-of-days bunker that helium built and maintained connected his property, but his communicative began acold distant and agelong ago, earlier the weaponry structure and fears of atomic war.

Beach was calved successful 1934 successful Kansas, wherever helium grew up a arrogant outsider, according to the obituary that Kell wrote. He faked his mode into the U.S. Air Force astatine property 17 and studied radio, computers, economics and doctrine successful his precocious teens and aboriginal 20s. He joined his archetypal wife, Maxine, successful the 1950s and worked arsenic a teacher and fallout structure salesman astir that time. The mates had 4 children together, though 1 died successful infancy.

Beach and Maxine divorced successful 1961 and helium aboriginal converted to the Baha’i Faith aft a large scooter mishap near him incapable to bash thing but work for respective months. He recovered and met his aboriginal 2nd wife, Jean, astatine a Baha’i temple successful Illinois successful 1962, and the 2 were soon married. They yet had 3 children together, though 1 died successful a sledding mishap astatine the property of eight.

The mates yet moved to Canada to unrecorded connected Jean’s household spot successful Horning’s Mills. He taught machine subject for respective years, developed a laptop-like instrumentality called the Lightwriter successful the aboriginal 1970s and past started hatching plans for the bunker and cosmopolitan connection successful the second fractional of that decade, arsenic his Cold War-inspired fears of atomic warfare took hold.

Beach besides secured a astir $50-million taxation recognition from the Canadian authorities successful the precocious ‘70s, according to Kell, which helium would usage to bargain and retrofit an aged ferry for deep-sea exploration. Beach dubbed the task the Canada’s Tomorrow Discovery Corporation, and helium planned to find sunken treasure that would money his plans for a cosmopolitan auxiliary connection – an thought that helium chased for astir of his life.

Eventually, the deep-sea exploration task collapsed, the revamped ferry was stripped down and Beach mislaid astir everything. All helium had near was Jean’s spot successful Ontario and the archetypal fewer pieces of the Ark Two.

Beach spent astir six years buying up schoolhouse buses, stripping them down and past burying them astatine the tract of the Ark Two, opening successful 1979.

The Ark Two is shown during its operation successful the 1980s astatine Bruce Beach’s location successful Horning’s Mills, Ont. Bruce Beach

He tried to outfit the bunker for a fewer 100 radical – astir of them children – to past a imaginable atomic war, but it was ever a enactment successful progress. The structure was prone to leaks and breakdowns, making it a changeless task for Beach and his allies. He spent overmuch of his clip trying to support it semi-functional, and helium would often enlist others to assistance support it.

“Bruce’s imaginativeness of the Ark was for it to beryllium a refuge for radical to spell erstwhile determination is simply a atomic war,” said Kell. “He envisioned it arsenic an orphanage that would beryllium populated mostly with children, truthful they would beryllium the aboriginal aft atomic war.”

It’s unclear however precisely Beach paid for the bunker, though Kell suggests it was mostly done what helium paid himself during the ferry operation. Himer suspects that Beach got “a large kick-start” aboriginal on, and that helium utilized bartering to instrumentality attraction of smaller needs arsenic the years wore on.

Global News has not been capable to find the nonstop outgo of the bunker’s construction.

Bruce Beach gives a circuit of his fallout structure successful Horning’s Mills connected July 9, 2015. Marta Iwanek/Toronto Star via Getty Images

The bunker was ne'er afloat operational, but the tract became a hub for Beach and those who followed him. People would amusement up to enactment connected the bunker connected a regular basis, and successful caller decades, Beach would clasp prepper gatherings with hundreds of supporters connected the spot each summer.

He besides often battled with section politicians and firefighters implicit the tract amid concerns that the bunker was not harmless for usage due to the fact that it was not built to provincial code.


These is wherever you would enactment clean. Trish Kozicka, Global News


This is wherever you would sleep. Trish Kozicka, Global News


The structure includes a nursery. There's adjacent an country acceptable speech for changing diapers. Trish Kozicka, Global News


The structure besides includes a 'decontamination' area. Trish Kozicka, Global News

“The township’s presumption was that you tin usage the spot but radical cannot beryllium successful the bunker,” Melancthon Mayor White said. “That mostly didn’t halt Bruce from having radical successful the bunker.”

The substance caused a batch of strife successful the aboriginal 2000s, erstwhile the section occurrence main said his crews would not respond to calls astatine the site.

“The occurrence main of the time would spell retired determination and weld it shut,” White said. “And helium wasn’t adjacent retired the driveway erstwhile Bruce would beryllium up determination cutting the weld off.”

This “peaceful standoff” carried connected for galore years, until White yet visited the tract during 1 of Beach’s prepper events successful 2015. White did not spell into the bunker, but helium did permission with a determination to see the operation successful the occurrence department’s coverage.

“I’m the mayor. I correspond everybody, careless of if we’ve had an contented before,” helium said.

Despite each of his enactment connected the elaborate bunker and his anticipation to person a cohort of radical past atomic war, Beach’s ambitions went good beyond that, according to those who knew him best.

“The cosmopolitan connection was really his dream,” Eldner said.

“Everything other benignant of dovetails into that,” said Kell. “There were galore different projects that helium utilized to rise wealth for the auxiliary language… which helium felt was the linchpin to unifying the world.”

Kell says Beach near down small much than a blueprint for the language, which would beryllium called “Angel Tongue” oregon “Anjel Tung.” It was a stripped-down, phonetic signifier of English that would beryllium casual for radical to learn, and helium hoped it would span the spread betwixt assorted groups aft an apocalypse.

Kell includes a fewer sentences from that connection successful his documentary, The Dawnsayer, which is owed retired aboriginal this year.

“Der PEPuL uv hu WrLD, waT Yk aR REDin iZ hu ANJel Tun,” the illustration reads, successful part.

Translation: “Dear radical of the world, what you are speechmaking is the Angel Tongue.”

Beach wrote astatine magnitude astir the connection connected his idiosyncratic website, but helium ne'er afloat laid retired however it would enactment successful a post-apocalyptic satellite — oregon wherefore English should beryllium the exemplary for it.

“The cosmopolitan connection was really his dream.”

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Kell says the connection ne'er came unneurotic due to the fact that Beach simply ran retired of wealth and support.

“When you imagination arsenic large arsenic Bruce and you’re 1 antheral with astir nary resources and precise constricted help, it’s astir intolerable to ever recognize those dreams,” helium said. “Bruce would’ve needed to unrecorded to 120 to execute everything that helium had planned out.”

Adam Himer says Beach did not program for his decease due to the fact that helium thought he’d outlive an imminent catastrophe. That means his friends and household tin present lone conjecture astatine his intentions for the bunker, the connection and everything other helium had successful mind.

“He was convinced (the apocalypse) was going to hap successful his lifetime, and helium would beryllium determination for reconstruction,” Himer said.

Bruce Beach shows a transcript of his paper successful his fallout structure successful Horning’s Mills connected July 9, 2015. Marta Iwanek/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Beach’s girl says she and her siblings are taking their clip with the leftovers of their father’s life, and they’ll apt assemble a committee to disagreement up the astir absorbing projects. But for now, determination is nary evident heir to the bunker.

“Who knows what’s going to hap with the structure now?” Eldner said.

Beach’s followers continued to assistance with his projects until death, and immoderate are anxious to support it going into the future, if the household decides to support the bunker running.

Beach’s longtime confidante, Antonia Lau, says she’s taken implicit the newsletter that helium ran for galore years. She besides ran a GoFundMe run for Beach’s widow to screen the costs of his ceremonial and a caller wood stove for their home. As for the bunker, its destiny is not her determination to make.

She hopes the bunker volition enactment with Beach’s family, though she acknowledges that it needs a batch of work.

“I’m not definite whether the household wants to enactment that clip in,” she said. “It needs repair.”

Living country successful Ark Two, Bruce Beach’s fallout structure successful Horning’s Mills connected July 9, 2015. Marta Iwanek/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Mayor White says he’s successful nary unreserved to swoop successful and shutter the Ark present that Beach is gone.

“We person nary volition of making unilateral orders astatine this point,” helium said. He added that the bunker would apt marque it hard for the Beaches to merchantability their property, and it would beryllium a “fairly significant” task to excavation up oregon adjacent off.

“We’ll enactment with the family,” helium said.

“Who knows what’s going to hap with the structure now?”

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Lau says she’s not definite what volition hap to the Ark Two, but she suspects the household volition bent onto the onshore due to the fact that that’s wherever Bruce Beach present lies.

“He was buried connected the tract adjacent the Ark, adjacent to his lad that passed before,” she said.

Bahji Du Canada, a memorial to Bruce Beach’s lad who was killed successful an mishap erstwhile helium was a kid successful Horning’s Mills connected July 9, 2015. Marta Iwanek/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Beach’s followers accidental helium would person wanted the Ark task to transportation connected beyond his death, due to the fact that it was ne'er astir sparing 1 antheral from the apocalypse.

It was astir sparing everyone helium present leaves behind.

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