The Official Game Informer Community Discord Is Now Open

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We're blessed to denote a task that's been successful the works for a agelong clip — the Official Game Informer Community Discord! Yes, we yet made one. So if you're funny successful hanging out, playing games, and chatting with Game Informer unit and our affable community, this is the spot for you. Want to join? Awesome. We privation you to join, too. Simply subscribe to our Twitch channel, sync your Discord and Twitch accounts, and past articulation the fun!

Need guidance connected however to articulation our Community Discord server erstwhile you've subscribed connected Twitch? Follow these steps erstwhile you're signed into Discord, according to the Discord Twitch Integration FAQ:

Q: How bash I articulation a sub-only channel? 

A: From the top! Here are the steps:

  1. Go up and sync your Twitch relationship with your Discord account, by going into User Settings > Connections > Twitch.

  2. Discord volition automatically sync with your Twitch account, and you'll find each the streamers you're subbed to close successful the Connections tab! You tin deed the "Join Server" fastener and you'll get your peculiar sub role, conscionable similar that. 

Why are we connecting the Discord to Twitch? Well, we privation this to beryllium a affirmative and inclusive abstraction that we tin each bask together, and we person immoderate fantastic assemblage moderators successful place. This link makes it easier to ensure our Discord remains a harmless spot for our fans astatine each times.

We can't hold to chat with each of you fantastic folks connected Discord. We'll spot you soon!

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