This JPMorgan Analyst Still Hates GE Stock. Here’s His Latest Reason.

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Updated Aug. 11, 2021 9:25 americium ET / Original Aug. 11, 2021 9:24 americium ET

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General Electric is successful the midst of a turnaround. (Photo by SEBASTIEN BOZON/AFP via Getty Images)

AFP via Getty Images

J.P. Morgan analyst, and longtime General Electric bear, Stephen Tusa recapped GE’s second-quarter results successful a Wednesday report. Once again, helium didn’t similar what helium saw. Tusa’s problems with the institution stay complexity and currency flow.

On July 27, General Electric (ticker: GE) reported adjusted net of 40 cents a stock for the 2nd 4th and raised its guidance for 2021 escaped currency travel from its concern operations to a midpoint of $4.3 billion, from anterior guidance of $3.5 billion. Investors reacted positively, bidding stock up 1.2% connected the day, portion the S&P 500 dropped 0.5%, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 0.2%.

Wall Street analysts praised the escaped currency flow guidance. RBC expert Deane Dray said GE’s “north star” is improving escaped currency flow, adding the turnaround being led by CEO Larry Culp was connected track. Melius expert Scott Davis called the accrued guidance a “notable and captious positive.” Both analysts complaint shares Buy.

Tusa rates shares Hold, but his terms people is $40 a share, much than 60% beneath wherever shares are trading. His aged people was $5 a share, but thing has changed. GE precocious completed its 1:8 reverse banal split, which accrued its banal terms and reduced the fig of shares outstanding.

Tusa feels otherwise astir GE’s caller currency travel procreation and guidance. “The conception remains detached from world and backward-looking successful its reflection of the currency net powerfulness of the enterprise,” wrote Tusa.

The conception helium refers to is however GE reports escaped currency travel from concern operations. For galore years, GE has sold its accounts receivable, thing known arsenic “factoring.” Some of those receivables were bought by GE Capital, the company’s concern unit, arsenic a mode to arbitrage its outgo of financing. Under Culp, who has had it with complexity, that is ending.

It has a large interaction connected however currency travel is reported, however. For the 2nd quarter, GE reported $388 cardinal successful adjusted concern escaped currency flow. The unadjusted fig was antagonistic $2 billion. The main quality was a drain of $2.7 cardinal from nary much accounts receivable factoring. The concern operations are present liable for collecting their ain accounts receivable. They can’t walk them on to GE Capital oregon different organization.

All this is disclosed. GE announced it was discontinuing its receivable factoring programs arsenic of April 1, 2021. That means determination volition beryllium adjustments to marque for year-over-year comparisons until the archetypal 4th of 2022.

In the end, Tusa appears to judge erstwhile each the adjustments are done, investors volition beryllium unimpressed with the caller GE’s net power.

His peers don’t look to agree. They are acold much affirmative connected the stock, with 65% of analysts covering GE standing its stock Buy. The average Buy-rating ratio for stocks successful the S&P is astir 55%. The mean expert price target is $122 a share, much than 3 times Tusa’s target.

Tusa archetypal rated GE shares merchantability successful 2016. He hasn’t had a Buy standing since then.

GE banal has risen 0.3% to $106.43 successful premarket trading.

GE was not instantly disposable for remark connected Tusa’s report.

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