This Wholesome Skyrim Mod Offers A Spell That Lets You Get Your Hug On

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Skyrim is easy 1 of the astir heavily modded games retired there, much truthful since Bethesda started supplying console mod support. Some of these instrumentality creations are complete retellings and caller adventures, portion others — similar this Skyrim mod — are much astir the elemental things successful life. 

The Self Hug Spell Mod from Nexus Mods idiosyncratic The Seagull (uploaded by DevicsPrey) is bringing a small wholesomeness to the satellite of Tamriel. "We each request a hug from clip to time, but not each of america person idiosyncratic astir to supply specified luxury," said the mod's creator erstwhile explaining however this came to beryllium successful the archetypal place. "Use your mighty magics to emulate the sensation of being hugged and amended your temper drastically."

According to the mod's creator, it's a elemental spell that was added for brevity, and you cognize what? Sometimes, elemental is good. Simple is conscionable what we need. The satellite would beryllium a amended spot if we had a small much empathy and a small much compassion towards 1 another. Apparently, that applies to our toon selves in-game, arsenic well. 

To download this mod, which is simply a archetypal for this creator, cheque it retired close here

If you privation adjacent much hugging, there's different mod called "I'm Glad You're Here" that lets you hug it retired with your followers, in-game spouse, and different characters littered passim Tamriel. 

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What are your thoughts connected a hug-centric mod for Skyrim? Any peculiar mods retired for PC that is your go-to? Sound disconnected with your thoughts successful the remark conception below! You tin besides petition recommendations for aboriginal Mod Corner stories, arsenic well! Happy to help! 

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