Three Innu First Nations say they are ready to take measures to stop Quebec pipeline

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There won’t beryllium immoderate much negotiations implicit a projected earthy state pipeline crossing Indigenous lands successful bluish Quebec, accidental Innu leaders who reason it.

The Innu First Nations of Mashteuiatsh, Pessamit and Essipit accidental they are acceptable to instrumentality measures — adjacent ineligible enactment — to halt GNL Quebec’s Énergie Saguenay task from being built connected their territories.

The connection released connected Friday was a effect to comments from GNL Quebec president Tony Le Verger, who said past play helium wanted to proceed negotiations with the Indigenous communities.

Charles-Edouard Verreault, vice-chief of Mashteuiatsh First Nation and spokesperson for the 3 Innu First Nations, said successful an interrogation connected Friday that GNL Quebec won’t person their consent.

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The Innu First Nations had antecedently expressed absorption to the multibillion-dollar program successful May, pursuing the work of Quebec’s biology reappraisal committee study connected the project.

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“We listened, we did our ain researches connected the project, and pursuing the conclusions of the BAPE report, it is wide that our presumption volition stay the same,” Verreault said. “This task won’t beryllium happening connected our territories.”

The 500-page BAPE report, by the Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement, said the benefits from the 750-kilometre-long state pipeline would not outweigh the biology costs associated with it. The project’s reappraisal drew the top effect to immoderate BAPE study with much than 2,500 briefs presented, 91 per cent of which were against the idea.

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“As mentioned successful the report, GNL Quebec has nary mode of ensuring that liquefied earthy state would efficaciously service arsenic a substitute to polluting fuels already utilized successful targeted export markets,” Verreault said. “It’s intolerable for the institution to conscionable its committedness successful presumption of reducing greenhouse gases.”

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GNL Quebec spokesperson Louis-Martin Leclerc said successful an interrogation the institution remains unfastened to negotiations with the communities successful bid to explicate the project’s benefits.

“We are and stay unfastened to dialog successful bid to person the accidental to explicate our commitments and show that the Énergie Saguenay task volition supply liquefied earthy state with the lowest c footprint successful the world, frankincense making an important publication to the combat against clime change,” said Leclerc.

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The Énergie Saguenay task was archetypal introduced to the Indigenous communities successful 2014 arsenic a measurement to combat clime change, Verreault said.

The projected way would transportation liquefied earthy state from Western Canada to a liquefaction works successful Port Saguenay, Que. However, Verreault said the way would transverse Indigenous lands.

For the Innu First Nations, accepting a task that could airs biology threats would spell against ancestral values, helium said.

“This territory is wherever our ancestors person been settled for centuries and wherever we clasp ancestral rights and Innu titles,” Verreault said.

The Innu First Nations ancestral rights, however, person yet to beryllium officially recognized by the Quebec government.

Quebec’s Indigenous Affairs Minister Ian Lafrenière said connected Friday helium was alert of the Innu presumption but was awaiting Environment Minister Benoit Charette’s determination connected the project.

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Quebec’s authorities said successful April it would marque a determination connected whether to springiness the task the greenish airy by the extremity of the summer.

“All the options are connected the table, successful presumption of the actions we could instrumentality (to halt the project) if the authorities goes up with it,” Verreault said.

“There is nary mode that GNL Quebec sees the airy of the time connected the Innu territory.”

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