Three more cases of COVID-19 reported among athletes, Tokyo Olympic officials say

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Tokyo Olympics organisers connected Sunday reported 3 cases of COVID-19 corruption among athletes arsenic the colonisation of the athlete’s colony swells up of the commencement of the pandemic-hit Games adjacent week.

Organisers reported 10 caller cases connected to the Olympics including media, contractors and different personnel, down from 15 reported connected Saturday.

An International Olympic Committee subordinate from South Korea tested affirmative for the coronavirus connected landing successful Tokyo. Ryu Seung-min, a erstwhile Olympic athlete, is vaccinated, reflecting the corruption hazard adjacent from vaccinated attendees.

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Infection rates are climbing among the wide colonisation of the capital, topping 1,000 caller cases for 4 consecutive days. Polls amusement galore Japanese reason holding the Games with the influx of overseas visitors it entails.

The rainy play ended successful Tokyo connected Friday, bringing bluish skies and aggravated heat. The load connected participants has been accrued by microorganism countermeasures similar masking.

(Reporting by Sam Nussey; Editing by Sam Holmes)

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