Tim Scott Lies And Says Cutting Unemployment Benefits Put People Back To Work

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Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) lied connected nationalist tv connected Sunday erstwhile helium blamed expanded unemployment benefits for radical not working.


Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) lies and claims that expanded unemployment benefits kept radical from working. What helium near was that the unemployment rolls dropped not due to the fact that of the extremity of expanded unemployment, but much radical getting vaccinated leads to economical expansion. pic.twitter.com/McAm12KuCz

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) July 25, 2021

Sen. Scott said connected Fox News Sunday, “They continued for respective much weeks except for states like South Carolina wherever we decided to bash distant with enhanced on employment benefits and what happened to our unemployment rolls? They went down. They dropped precipitously. There’s nary uncertainty that adding more money, adding much benefits for excessively agelong reduces the number of radical who volition spell backmost to work. Secretary Yellen said conscionable a few weeks agone that yes, we should expect ostentation to summation for the adjacent respective months. That’s not transitory. “

A survey of Census Bureau information arsenic reported by CNBC found:

Specifically, the stock of adults receiving unemployment benefits fell sharply (by 2.2 percent points) successful the twelve states that chopped national backing connected June 12 oregon 19, according to Dube. That translates to a 60% simplification successful unemployment rolls successful those states, helium said.

But determination wasn’t a corresponding summation successful employment among this radical — successful fact, the stock of adults with a occupation fell by 1.4 percent points implicit the aforesaid period, according to Dube. (Employment roseate by 0.2 percent points successful states that didn’t extremity the pandemic benefits.)

Republicans Threw People Off Unemployment With No Jobs To Go Back To

Sen. Scott’s prevarication was based connected the story that radical who mislaid their jobs had the enactment of staying connected unemployment oregon going backmost to their aged jobs. However, galore of the radical who were laid disconnected successful the pandemic don’t person jobs to spell backmost to, due to the fact that the pandemic forced their employers retired of business.

Republicans didn’t enactment radical by to enactment by ending unemployment benefits. They created much poverty.

Tim Scott is 1 of the much unsafe misinformers successful the Republican Party due to the fact that helium looks truthful credible portion saying things that aren’t true.

People didn’t spell backmost to enactment erstwhile Republican states chopped unemployment benefits. Tim Scott lied to warrant Republicans creating much poverty.

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