Toyota says it won’t run Olympic ads in Japan amid COVID-19 safety concerns

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Tokyo 2020 sponsor Toyota volition not tally Olympics-related TV commercials amid lackluster nationalist enactment for the Olympics, with two-thirds of Japanese doubting organizers tin support the Games harmless during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a section media poll.

Chief Executive Officer of Toyota Motor Corp, Akio Toyoda, and different executives volition not be the opening ceremonial either, Toyota said connected Monday.

“It is existent that Toyota volition not beryllium attending the opening ceremony, and the determination was made considering assorted factors including nary spectators,” a spokesperson said.

“We volition not beryllium airing immoderate commercials related to the Games successful Japan,” she added.

Some 60 Japanese corporations who person paid much than $3 cardinal for sponsorship rights to the postponed 2020 Olympics present look a dilemma implicit whether oregon not to necktie their brands to an lawsuit that has truthful acold failed to triumph beardown nationalist backing.

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With conscionable 4 days earlier the opening ceremonial successful Tokyo, 68 per cent of respondents successful an Asahi paper canvass expressed uncertainty astir the quality of Olympic organizers to power coronavirus infections, with 55 per cent saying they were opposed to the Games going ahead.

Three-quarters of the 1,444 radical successful the telephone survey said they agreed with a determination to prohibition spectators from events.

As COVID-19 cases emergence successful Tokyo, present nether its 4th authorities of emergency, nationalist interest has grown that hosting an lawsuit with tens of thousands of overseas athletes, officials and journalists could accelerate corruption rates successful Japan’s superior and present variants that are much infectious oregon deadlier.

International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach has said helium hopes the Japanese nationalist volition lukewarm to the Games erstwhile contention begins and arsenic Japanese athletes statesman winning medals. The Tokyo Olympics tally July 23 done Aug. 8.

“We volition proceed to co-operate and enactment intimately with organizers specified arsenic Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Tokyo 2020, and the IOC to guarantee we person a harmless and unafraid situation for the Games,” authorities spokesperson, Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato said astatine a regular briefing.

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 'How is Tokyo handling its COVID outbreak? Dr. Bogoch weighs in' 5:52 How is Tokyo handling its COVID outbreak? Dr. Bogoch weighs in

How is Tokyo handling its COVID outbreak? Dr. Bogoch weighs in


Games officials connected Sunday reported the archetypal COVID-19 lawsuit among competitors successful the athletes’ colony successful Tokyo wherever 11,000 athletes are expected to enactment during the Games. Since July 2, Tokyo 2020 organizers person reported 58 affirmative cases among athletes, officials and journalists.

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Any large outbreak successful the colony could wreak havoc connected competitions due to the fact that those either infected oregon isolating would not beryllium capable to compete. Olympic officials and idiosyncratic lawsuit organizers person contingency plans to woody with infections among athletes.

A Tokyo 2020 spokesperson said the colony was a harmless spot to stay, adding that the corruption complaint among athletes and different Games-related radical visiting Japan was astir 0.1 per cent.

On Sunday six British way and tract athletes on with 2 unit members were forced to isolate aft idiosyncratic connected their formation to Japan tested positive.

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“Many athletes whitethorn person parties oregon ceremonies earlier they spell to Tokyo wherever determination whitethorn beryllium cheering oregon greeting. So they whitethorn besides person a hazard to get infected successful their ain countries,” said Koji Wada, a prof astatine Tokyo’s International University of Health and Welfare and an advisor connected the government’s
coronavirus response.

The latest surge successful cases successful Tokyo comes aft 4 earlier waves, the deadliest of which was successful January. New COVID-19 cases successful Tokyo reached 1,410 connected Saturday, the astir since the commencement of the year, with caller infections exceeding 1,000 for 5 consecutive days.

Most of those caller cases are among younger people, arsenic Japan has succeeded successful getting astir of its susceptible aged colonisation vaccinated with astatine slightest 1 shot, though lone 32 per cent of the wide colonisation has truthful acold received one.


Japanese instrumentalist Keigo Oyamada, who described successful magazines decades agone however helium had bullied his classmates, said connected Twitter that helium was stepping down arsenic a composer for the Olympics’ opening ceremony, successful the latest stroke to the Games.

Olympics organizers connected Monday had rebuffed calls for him to beryllium dismissed.

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Other officials person stepped down successful the run-up to the Games for inappropriate comments, including erstwhile caput of Tokyo 2020, Yoshiro Mori, successful February and the originative manager for the opening and closing ceremonies, Hiroshi Sasaki, successful March.

In the governmental arena, South Korean President Moon Jae-in said helium would not sojourn Japan for the Games oregon a archetypal in-person acme with Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga aft media reports cited a elder Japanese diplomat making violative remarks astir him.

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Miranda Ayim, Nathan Hirayama named Canada’s flag-bearers for Tokyo Olympics

Monday besides brought a informing from the Tokyo 2020 organizer pursuing section media reports of Games related visitors drinking successful downtown Tokyo. In an email it warned Olympic participants
who had completed their 14 days of isolation to comply with Tokyo’s exigency declaration rules by staying retired of bars serving intoxicant oregon restaurants “illegally” staying unfastened aft 8:00pm.

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“These incidents person besides been raised successful the National Diet, and person the imaginable to severely harm the estimation of the Tokyo 2020 Games and your organizations,” it said.

For Tokyo residents already surviving with those lockdown restrictions, question connected their city’s roads became much hard connected Monday arsenic the metropolis readied for the commencement of the Olympics with caller postulation restrictions, including reserved lanes for Olympic officials, athletes and journalists.

Transport authorities besides hiked toll charges by 1,000 yen ($9) for backstage vehicles utilizing the web of elevated expressways that snake done the metropolis successful a bid to trim postulation during the Games.

($1 = 110.0800 yen)

(Reporting by Tim Kelly and Rocky Swift; Editing by Michael Perry and Hugh Lawson)

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