Troops deploying to B.C. wildfires will arrive ‘ready to go,’ defence minister says

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Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan says subject unit being deployed to British Columbia volition beryllium acceptable to deed the crushed moving arsenic they articulation wildfire warring efforts.

Sajjan announced Tuesday that 350 troops would beryllium sent to the state to assistance the BC Wildfire Service, which has been stretched to its limits.

The subject was already providing aerial enactment to the B.C. firefighting efforts, and Sajjan told CKNW’s The Afternoon Show connected Wednesday it had the adjacent question of troops waiting successful Edmonton for an authoritative petition from B.C.

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“We had enactment what’s called an contiguous effect unit, astir 300 soldiers, connected standby successful lawsuit successful lawsuit further resources are needed to really combat the fires,” helium said.

“They’ve already person the training, the type-three firefighting training. So what that means is erstwhile they arrive, they’re acceptable to go.”

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The existent nationalist defence argumentation is to person capable specified units connected standby crossed the state to woody with aggregate crises astatine once, a concern that has borne retired nether clime change, Sajjan said.

 Close brushwood   with fast-moving occurrence  adjacent   Ashcroft' 0:51 B.C. wildfire: Close brushwood with fast-moving occurrence adjacent Ashcroft

B.C. wildfire: Close brushwood with fast-moving occurrence adjacent Ashcroft

Along with the B.C. deployment, troops are presently successful the tract successful the Yukon, battling floods, and successful Manitoba warring fires.

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As troops are deployed, further soldiers volition beryllium rotated in, trained, and enactment connected standby Sajjan said.

“(We) show precise closely, moving with the provinces and territories, and erstwhile that’s erstwhile the authoritative petition is made. We already cognize precisely what is needed to respond truthful determination is perfectly nary hold successful getting the enactment there,” helium said.

The deployment was unrelated to B.C.’s authorities of emergency, helium said, with the petition for assistance made done an autarkic process.

About 90 per cent of work unit are vaccinated against COVID-19, helium added.

The nonstop day the troops volition get and locations wherever they volition beryllium deployed has not been announced, but they are expected to physique occurrence lines connected high-priority fires, tackle hotspots, and clasp existing occurrence lines.

Last Thursday, the BC Wildfire Service said it was wholly taxed, and that it was “unable to perpetrate to each caller ignitions” with existing resources.

As of Wednesday, determination were much than 3,000 radical battling 282 fires crossed the province.

A 20-person unit of firefighters from Quebec arrived connected Friday, portion different 100 firefighters from Mexico are expected to get connected Saturday.

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