UBC student union calls for mandatory masks in classrooms, vaccines in residences

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UBC’s pupil national is calling connected the assemblage to marque masks mandatory successful lectures and vaccines mandatory successful residences owed to interest implicit COVID-19 spread.

The Alma Matter Society (AMS) precocious commissioned a survey of students, which it says recovered beardown enactment for some measures.

According to Eshana Bhangu, AMS vice-president of world and assemblage affairs, much than 60 per cent of the astir 8,000 respondents said they were acrophobic astir vulnerability to COVID-19 successful crowded lecture halls.

“Students conscionable don’t privation to beryllium sitting successful 200 to 300 idiosyncratic lecture halls side-by-side without masks. Quite frankly, module don’t consciousness harmless teaching successful them either,” she said.

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Masks person been recommended but are voluntary successful indoor nationalist places successful B.C. since July 1.

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The survey recovered adjacent stronger enactment for mandatory vaccinations for students surviving successful residence, with 82 per cent backing the idea.

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Bhangu pointed to different Canadian universities specified arsenic Ryerson and the University of Toronto, some of which person mandated immunization for students surviving successful residence and masks successful lecture halls.

“There’s conscionable 1 resounding connection we’re proceeding astatine the AMS, and that’s that UBC needs to bash more,” she said.

In a missive responding to the pupil union, UBC’s vice-president for students Ainsley Carry said it was pursuing the province’s COVID-19 Return-to-Campus Guidelines.

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What to bash with the vaccine holdouts?

“The (guidelines) authorities that post-secondary institutions should not present COVID-19 prevention measures into their enactment and learning areas that are antithetic from those supported by nationalist wellness professionals,” she said.

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“These guidelines are not a minimum modular arsenic referred to successful your letter, but a precocious modular that has been acceptable by the Provincial Health Officer.”

The assemblage said it was pursuing those guidelines successful not requiring vaccination oregon disclosure of vaccine status.

It added that determination had been “very fewer issues” with COVID successful residences implicit the past 18 months and that the assemblage was moving to facilitate vaccine entree for students and planetary students.

But Bhangu argues that the return-to-campus guidelines are conscionable that, guidelines.

She said the assemblage showed enactment earlier successful the pandemic erstwhile it required students to deterioration masks a period earlier the state made them mandatory.

“I’m not definite wherefore we’re not doing it now,” she said.

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