Valkyrie has filed a proposal for a Bitcoin futures ETF

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The exchange-traded money volition beryllium cash-settled and traded connected CME

Specialised plus manager Valkyrie has filed for a Bitcoin futures exchange-traded money (ETF), according to a filing published connected 11 August.

As per the filing, the Valkyrie Bitcoin Strategy ETF volition not impact nonstop investments successful Bitcoin. Rather, it volition dwell of respective purchased BTC futures contracts, which volition beryllium cash-settled and traded connected the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). 

"Investors seeking nonstop vulnerability to the terms of bitcoin should see different concern different than the Fund. The Fund is classified arsenic "non-diversified" nether the Investment Company Act of 1940 (the "1940 Act")," the filing noted.

The connection comes conscionable days aft SEC Chairman Gary Gensler's comments that regulators were unfastened to information of exchange-traded funds underpinned by Bitcoin futures alternatively than BTC itself.

In statement notes published connected the SEC website connected 3 August, Gensler touched connected assorted crypto topics, including crypto exchanges, decentralised concern (DeFi) platforms, and Bitcoin exchange-traded funds. Regarding the latter, helium pointed retired that the committee would apt spot a spike successful filings "under the Investment Company Act ('40 Act)".

He besides noted that the Act, alongside different securities laws, offers investors the extortion they need, adding that the SEC's unit would reappraisal each filings, particularly Bitcoin futures exchange-traded funds acceptable for listing connected the CME.

In the aftermath of these comments, VanEck, ProShares and Invesco person each submitted applications seeking support for their respective BTC futures ETFs. Valkyrie, therefore, joins a increasing database of providers awaiting feedback from the securities watchdog.

The concern institution precocious raised $10 cardinal successful a Series A backing circular to bolster its plans for an ETF. This followed an exertion with the SEC for a Bitcoin ETF that the steadfast had submitted earlier successful the year, which, incidentally, inactive awaits the SEC's nod, arsenic bash galore others submitted by the supra firms.

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