Venomous snake bite lands NJ man in the hospital

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HOPEWELL TOWNSHIP, New Jersey (WPVI) -- A New Jersey antheral is recovering aft being bitten by a venomous snake portion hiking successful Hopewell Township.

Twenty-one-year-old Kevin Murray of Pennington says helium was connected a way aft acheronian and didn't spot the copperhead snake until helium fell down.

"I conscionable felt a crisp sting close connected my ankle," helium said. A fewer feet away, helium saw what a herpetologist confirmed was a copperhead snake.

"I don't cognize overmuch astir snakes. I conscionable assumed it would beryllium a plot snake oregon thing that wasn't overmuch of a problem," helium said.

This was past Thursday, August 5. He snapped a representation of the snake for information and it whitethorn person helped prevention his life, due to the fact that erstwhile helium went to the exigency country astatine Capital Health, doctors knew however to assistance him.

Kevin Murray was hiking successful Hopewell Township erstwhile helium felt a sting. He looked down and determination was a venomous copperhead snake, precise uncommon for New Jersey. He spent 3 days successful the infirmary and is present recovering. @6abc

— Beccah Hendrickson (@Beccah6abc) August 10, 2021

"They brought maine to the ICU to show my bosom complaint to marque definite the venom wasn't spreading to my heart," helium said.

The venom didn't spread, and helium didn't request anti-venom, which comes with perchance semipermanent broadside effects similar rashes and fever.

"It is communal not to necessitate anti-venom successful each cases," said Dr. Robert Bassett, the subordinate aesculapian manager for Philadelphia Poison Control. He says venomous snakes are uncommon successful this portion of the country.

New Jersey's Division of Fish and Wildlife says copperheads lone hap successful the northwestern portion of the state. No 1 has ever died from a copperhead wound successful New Jersey.

"It makes up a precise tiny percent of the full snakes we person successful the area," said Dr. Bassett. He besides says this is breeding play for snakes, which brings retired much assertive behavior.

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"This is benignant of snakebite season. We typically deliberation of the warmer upwind arsenic being associated with much enactment with snakes," helium said.

After 3 days successful the hospital, Murray is home. He calls himself lucky.

"There's nary semipermanent broadside effects they deliberation are going to happen, truthful I got a large communicative retired of it," said Murray.

Experts accidental portion of what helped Murray was his quality to stay calm aft the bite. Poison power says if you bash get bit, support the affected country beneath your bosom to dilatory the dispersed of the venom.

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