Verizon to default to RCS-enhanced Google Messages app on all Android phones

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Joining AT&T and T-Mobile, Verizon volition acceptable Google's messaging app arsenic the default connected each Android phones starting adjacent year.


Google's homegrown Android messaging app conscionable got different changeable successful the arm, courtesy of Verizon. On Tuesday, the wireless bearer announced it would set up the Messages by Google app arsenic the default messaging software connected each Android phones opening successful 2022. Verizon's determination means that each 3 of the large U.S. carriers volition default to Google's messaging app, virtually ensuring its adoption by a overmuch wider assemblage of Android users.

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The displacement besides means greater enactment for the Rich Communications Service, a modular utilized by Google's messaging app. Designed arsenic a replacement for the much constricted Short Messaging Service protocol, RCS is built for a much modern era.

Among immoderate of the perks of RCS, you tin nonstop and person high-resolution photos and videos, substance via Wi-Fi oregon cellular, spot erstwhile a connection was work and unafraid your messages with existent end-to-end encryption.

RCS offers definite advantages to businesses and consumers, arsenic Verizon described successful its announcement.

"Businesses volition besides beryllium capable to physique and negociate messaging to much efficaciously scope their customers," Verizon said. "RCS volition let Verizon Android users the enactment to easy link with businesses to acquisition products, marque reservations, inquire questions and more."

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This displacement to RCS successful the Android satellite leaves 1 cardinal mobile subordinate retired of the loop, namely Apple. The iMessage app for iOS/iPadOS allows for work receipts, end-to-end encryption and different benefits, but lone if you're texting different iPhone oregon iPad user. Send a substance to an Android user, and the connection is sent via SMS oregon MMS, which are constricted compared with iMessage. You tin spot the quality betwixt the 2 connected an Apple instrumentality arsenic iMessage texts look successful blue, portion SMS/MMS messages are painted successful green.

With RCS destined to go much of a standard, the shot is successful Apple's court. Will the institution instrumentality with its uneasy reliance connected iMessage and SMS oregon articulation Google successful adopting RCS?

"The RCS modular has been gathering momentum crossed the globe with much than 444 cardinal monthly progressive users successful 60 countries, according to GSMA," Verizon said. "As networks proceed to go interconnected, Android users successful the U.S. volition bask a better, much precocious messaging acquisition arsenic they interact with each different and businesses connected networks that enactment the RCS standard."

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