WATCH: Arnold Schwarzenegger Tears Into “Schmucks” Who Refuse to Wear Masks

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Long aft helium became 1 of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Arnold Schwarzenegger became a politician. And helium became an improbable politician of the country’s largest authorities backmost successful November of 2003.

The erstwhile politician was then, arsenic helium is now, a Republican. That doesn’t mean that helium doesn’t person plentifulness of issues with his party. Schwarzenegger was a predominant and fervent professional of Donald Trump. And present he’s taking connected Republicans who garbage to deterioration masks successful public.

The movie prima talked astir the contented with CNN’s Bianna Golodryga and Alexander Vindman. He explained, “There is simply a microorganism here, it kills people, and the lone mode we forestall it is we get vaccinated, we deterioration masks, we bash societal distancing, washing your hands each the time, and not conscionable to deliberation astir ‘well, my state is being benignant of disturbed here.”

Schwarzenegger continued:

“No. Screw your freedom, due to the fact that with state comes obligations and responsibilities. You cannot conscionable accidental ‘I person the close to X, Y, and Z.’ When you impact different people, that is erstwhile it gets serious. No 1 is going to archer maine that… I person to halt astatine this postulation airy here. I’m going to spell close done it.’ Then you termination idiosyncratic other and it is your doing. You person the state to deterioration nary mask. But you cognize something? You’re a schmuck for not wearing a mask.”

Watch a clip of the conception below:

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