WATCH: Former Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull Slams Rupert Murdoch Over Fox’s Involvement in 1/6 Insurrection and Vaccine Hesitancy Push

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While authorities are surely antithetic successful Australia than they are successful the United States, Malcolm Turnbull would inactive beryllium considered to beryllium a Conservative. He is besides acquainted with chap Aussie Rupert Murdoch, having known him since 1974.

The erstwhile Prime Minister precocious appeared connected Mehdi Hasan’s amusement to sermon Murdoch and however his quality web is presently poisoning America.

The big asked, “You mentioned dangerous, you mentioned devastating. So fto maine conscionable inquire you consecutive up. Do you judge Fox and the Murdochs, by creating what you’ve called successful the past a “market for crazy,” by pushing not conscionable predetermination lies and achromatic supremacist propaganda — but besides anti-mask, anti-vaccine conspiracies — bash they person humor connected their hands?”

Turnbull answered, “Well, they surely person contributed to humor being shed. January 6 could not person occurred without the Big Lie astir the predetermination having been promoted and pumped out, arsenic it was by Fox News.”

The erstwhile Australian PM continued:

“He knows the vaccines work. But he’s making billions of dollars retired of a, you know, a quality channel, a quality platform, Fox News, which is promoting and enabling each of this vaccine hesitancy. I mean, surely — surely, you would deliberation you would person capable affection for your viewers, not to promote them to travel a people of enactment that is apt to effect successful their unwellness and death.”

Murdoch has had a unusual past twelvemonth oregon so. He wasn’t a large instrumentality of Donald Trump and intelligibly devastated the erstwhile president by calling Arizona aboriginal connected predetermination night. At the aforesaid time, helium seems to person nary involvement successful reigning successful his connected aerial talent.

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