WATCH: Fox News Bill Hemmer Embarrassingly Claims Karl Marx Wrote Mein Kampf

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Many of today’s Conservatives similar to comparison Democratic policies to humanities events oregon works of literature. This was astir evident with
Marjorie Taylor Greene. On aggregate occasions, the arguable GOP Rep. attempted to comparison disguise mandates to Nazi Germany.

The hosts of Fox News similar to usage the aforesaid practice. Whether themselves oregon their viewers has immoderate thought what the publication is astir matters little. All that matters is creating an affectional and aggravated reaction. So you’ll perceive a batch astir socialism, marxism, communism, etc.

Bill Hemmer was attempting to usage this maneuver during his Tuesday show. The Fox big told viewers, “I retrieve 20 years aged going to Trier, Germany and trying to find the location of Karl Marx cuz, y’know, 1848 — helium wrote ‘Mein Kampf’ I privation to cognize what it’s each about.”

Mein Kampf, meaning my conflict was published successful 1925. Marx, astir celebrated for penning The Communist Manifesto (along with Friedrich Engels), died successful 1883. The existent writer of Mein Kampf was aboriginal German Chancellor Adolf Hitler. In the book, the past imprisoned Hitler laid retired the reasoning down his vehement anti-Semitism and his aboriginal plans for Germany.

Later successful the show, a sheepish Hemmer had to explicate his mistake to the audience, “I misspoke. 1848. Karl Marx. The Communist Manifesto.”

Later connected successful the program, Bill Hemmer says helium misspoke erstwhile helium said Karl Marx wrote Mein Kampf. "I misspoke. 1848. Karl Marx. The Communist Manifesto"


While Democrats volition beryllium blessed to dunk connected Hemmer for his mistake, the viewers of Fox News are improbable to care. They are already rather acquainted with a heaping servings of mendacious information.

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