WATCH: Fox’s Kurtz Blasts Critics Blaming His Network for Anti-Vax Stance, Says Low Vaccination Rate is Actually Biden’s Fault

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After months of Donald Trump supporters refusing to get vaccinated, Fox News yet started to propulsion their viewers to get their shots. It was benignant of a half-hearted effort though.

After Fox & Friends Steve Doocy made an impassioned plea for viewers to get inoculated, co-host Brian Kilmeade was definite to note that they weren’t doctors.

And Sean Hannity talked astir the worth of getting vaccinated during his Wednesday show, helium said the adjacent nighttime that helium ne'er told anyone to get their shot.

On a nightly basis, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham are inactive creating vaccine hesitancy. According to Howard Kurtz, though, says Fox isn’t to blasted for debased vaccine rates among Republicans.

The big began, “Fox’s rivals are successful a frenzy astir blaming this network. But determination are a batch of voices connected Fox News Channel and many, including me, including the anchors who conscionable made a 2nd pro-vaccination PSA, privation the tens of millions of holdouts to get the covid shots, and that includes these blimpish hosts.”

Kurtz continued, “There are an atrocious batch of people, galore connected the right, who are either hesitant oregon outright refusing to get these life-saving vaccines. That would beryllium existent if Fox went disconnected the aerial tomorrow. Overcoming their fears and doubts is simply a analyzable occupation for the Biden White House and each the vitriolic finger-pointing isn’t helping 1 bit.”

The months agelong anti-vaccine propulsion from Fox had led to COVID surges successful galore reddish states. No substance however the web whitethorn privation to rotation the situation, the blasted intelligibly lies with them.

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