WATCH: Mike Lindell and Steve Bannon Encourage Republicans to Watch MSNBC Instead of Fox News

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Most large networks are nary longer funny successful having Mike Lindell look arsenic a impermanent anymore. Even Fox News, wherever the pillow magnate ran commercials for years has seeming chopped Lindell off.

During a caller quality connected Steve Bannon’s podcast, the pillow feline ripped into his erstwhile favourite network. Lindell adjacent agreed erstwhile Bannon suggested that Conservatives should nary longer ticker Fox and tune into MSNBC instead.

Bannon, who ran Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, told his podcast listeners, “Watch MSNBC. Watch Chris Hayes oregon Rachel Maddow. They get amended coverage… they get amended sum each day.”

Lindell responded, “Way amended than Fox.” Bannon past continued, “They are blowing america up, and they hatred you and the audience, but they’re inactive doing existent coverage.”

Steve Bannon and Mike Lindell accidental to ticker @MSNBC due to the fact that they person amended sum than @FoxNews.

— PatriotTakes 🇺🇸 (@patriottakes) July 17, 2021

The My Pillow feline has agelong been furious astatine the Fox web arsenic helium feels they haven’t supported his attempts overturn the 2020 predetermination results with capable vigor.

Back successful March, Lindell ranted connected the Eric Metaxas show, “I privation to accidental 1 happening present — here’s things that don’t marque sense. Let’s conscionable speech astir Fox. You’re already sued! It’s excessively precocious to adjacent the gate. The cows are already retired of the barn! You’re already sued, Fox. What bash you person — are you going to get treble sued? What’s the substance with you? What are they, successful connected it? I don’t get it. Is it a fake lawsuit?”

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