‘We are all Canadian’: Alberta author releases children’s book to combat racism

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An Edmonton-based writer has released a publication that she hopes volition assistance young radical amended recognize and code racism.

Samira Hamana decided it was important to merchandise Where Are You Really From? following a bid of convulsive attacks against Muslim women successful Edmonton.

“This publication is simply a solemnisation of the diverseness that we person successful Canada,” Hamana said. “I was (initially) penning it due to the fact that of the Heritage Festival... I emotion to spot antithetic cultures. But past I saw the unit against Muslims.

“A children’s communicative volition assistance amended young children to larn acceptance.”

The Edmonton country has recorded a fig of attacks against Muslim women successful caller months, including the latest incidental at the extremity of June successful St. Albert that sent a pistillate to hospital.

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Months prior, successful March, a antheral was charged aft 3 allegedly hate-motivated attacks connected women successful Edmonton, and successful December, 2 women wearing hijabs were attacked successful a promenade parking lot.

Hamana’s publication focuses connected the conception of “roots” — that everyone has them — but however Canadians are besides united.

“Where are you truly from is simply a question that many, many, galore radical of colour — radical that conscionable precocious came to Canada — they are asked astir … to marque them consciousness that they bash not beryllium here,” Hamana said.

“We request to thatch kids and children that we are each from here. However, we person antithetic roots… (BUT) it’s OK. It’s not thing that’s bad, we are each Canadian. That’s wherefore I wrote this book.”

Hamana was calved successful Morroco and has lived successful Canada for 12 years. Her lad and 2 daughters were calved successful Canada.

“You person to judge your chap Canadian, careless of his tegument colour, his oculus colour, his hair, his looks, his scarf,” she said.

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“Just judge them arsenic they are. That’s what… I privation the children to learn.”

Hamana said her anticipation is that the publication is purchased for schoolhouse libraries to assistance stock its important message.

“Many radical are bushed of proceeding astir racism and discrimination,” Hamana said. “If we physique this cognition successful simple and thatch our kids acceptance, 100 per cent we volition bounds the racism and favoritism against different races.”

 'Edmonton rally to telephone  for accrued  extortion  for Muslim women aft  latest attack' 1:50 Edmonton rally to telephone for accrued extortion for Muslim women aft latest attack

Edmonton rally to telephone for accrued extortion for Muslim women aft latest onslaught – Jun 25, 2021

Where Are You Really From? is disposable for acquisition connected Amazon. It was illustrated by Nafisa Arshad.

Hamana has besides written respective different children’s books that tackle different important societal issues similar bullying.

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