What you need to know with Nova Scotia’s 41st election campaign now here

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Nova Scotians looking to formed their ballots for the 41st provincial election tin bash truthful connected Aug. 17, portion being expected to travel strict COVID-19 precautions.

In a statement, Elections Nova Scotia has encouraged provincial voters to ballot early. It besides emphasized the enactment of voting by mail-in ballot, and said it expects — based connected elector behaviour during past pandemic-era provincial elections –- determination volition beryllium precocious uptake.

However, that whitethorn mean some delays successful obtaining results.

Changes successful the electoral map

As Nova Scotians formed their ballots, they volition besides spot changes successful the province’s electoral representation this election.

Four Nova Scotia ridings aimed astatine improving practice for Black and Acadian voters returned to the province’s electoral map, which includes the mostly Acadian ridings of Argyle, Clare and Richmond and the predominantly African Nova Scotian riding of Preston.

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The districts were eliminated successful 2012 erstwhile the province’s erstwhile NDP authorities decided determination were excessively fewer voters successful each.

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The Liberal Party presently has 54 candidates successful spot for the adjacent election, 31 of whom are women and radical of divers backgrounds.

The Progressive Conservatives enactment has 52 candidates nominated, 27 of whom are either women oregon radical from divers backgrounds.

The NDP has nominated oregon acclaimed 48 candidates, 31 of whom are women, 3 radical who are sex diverse, and 4 racialized candidates truthful far.

In the past predetermination successful 2017, the Liberals returned to Province House with a bulk mandate. It was the archetypal clip since 1988 that a enactment successful Nova Scotia has achieved back-to-back majorities.

The Liberals won 27 of the seats, 17 were won by the Progressive Conservatives and 7 were won by the NDP.

As the Liberals entered the 5th twelvemonth of their existent mandate successful May, resignations had reduced them to a number government.

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At dissolution, the Liberals held 24 of 51 seats, followed by the Progressive Conservatives with 17. The NDP had 5 seats, and determination were 3 Independents and 2 vacancies.

 'Margaret Miller announced her resignation effectual  June 1' 2:08 Margaret Miller announced her resignation effectual June 1

Margaret Miller announced her resignation effectual June 1 – May 7, 2021

Planning for an inclusive election

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Elections Nova Scotia said Thursday it’s engaging with immoderate elector populations, which traditionally person had little information owed to connection and taste barriers by hiring Liaison Officers.

These officers person been starring three outreach initiatives focused connected improving accessibility and inclusivity for First Nation, African Nova Scotian, and Acadian Francophone Nova Scotian voters.

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“Many members of the communities person been actively progressive and participated successful erstwhile elections successful galore antithetic capacities,” said Charlotte Lafford, First Nations Liaison Officer. “As a continuing effort, we privation to amended that by connecting further with First Nations assemblage leaders, elders, and youth.”

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The outreach inaugural volition besides beryllium providing due predetermination worldly successful French.

COVID-19 precautions enactment successful place

Elections Nova Scotia announced that it volition person strict COVID-19 protocols successful spot astatine each voting locations during the elections to marque definite everyone is safe.

Election workers and voters volition deterioration masks and determination volition beryllium tabletop shields.

Physical distancing volition besides beryllium enforced astatine voting locations, and frequently-used surfaces volition beryllium disinfected regularly.

Voters volition beryllium asked to sanitize their hands astatine entrances and exits and bring their ain pen.

 'N.S. furniture  curate  resignation and interaction   connected  attracting pistillate  candidates' 2:07 N.S. furniture curate resignation and interaction connected attracting pistillate candidates

N.S. furniture curate resignation and interaction connected attracting pistillate candidates – May 10, 2021

Election workers volition besides minimize hand-to-hand interaction with voters by touching their documents, similar the Voter Information Card and IDs, arsenic small arsenic possible.

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There volition beryllium signage to assistance nonstop voters and to bespeak wherever to basal to support carnal distancing requirements.

How to vote

According to Elections Nova Scotia, determination volition beryllium galore options disposable to ballot safely during the 41st provincial wide election.

Voters volition beryllium capable to ballot by message utilizing a write-in ballot oregon ballot safely successful idiosyncratic earlier predetermination time astatine immoderate returning bureau oregon aboriginal voting determination successful the province.

Who americium I voting for, and wherever bash I vote?

Each elector is assigned an electoral district. You tin find yours here: https://enstools.electionsnovascotia.ca/edinfo55/

To find a database of the candidates moving successful each 55 ridings, click here: https://electionsnovascotia.ca/RegisteredCandidates41PGE

How bash I cognize if I americium eligible? 

To register, you request to beryllium a Canadian citizen, beryllium astatine slightest 18 years aged of property connected predetermination day, and person lived successful Nova Scotia for astatine slightest six weeks.

What if I americium not registered? 

If you aren’t registered to ballot oregon request to update your code connected the registry of electors past you tin bash truthful online here: Online Voter Registration Service

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What documents bash I need?

Once you register, you’ll person a Voter Information Card (VIC) successful the mail. This paper has each the accusation you need, specified arsenic the code for your polling location.

Elections Nova Scotia says if you are not registered connected the List of Electors you tin inactive sojourn a polling presumption and beryllium registered connected that time and vote.

If you request to registry successful person, bring astatine slightest 1 portion of ID, which includes a Nova Scotia driver’s license, a Nova Scotia recognition card, oregon a Certificate of Indian Status card.

What bash I bash if I don’t person ID?

According to Elections Nova Scotia, if you bash not person the due ID to register, you whitethorn curse an oath and state your sanction and address.

How galore seats does a enactment request to win?

When each votes are counted, Elections Nova Scotia says the campaigner with the astir votes from that electoral territory gets a spot successful the Legislative Assembly and becomes an MLA. The enactment with the astir seats successful the Legislative Assembly becomes the governing party. The person of the winning enactment becomes the premier of Nova Scotia.

For much accusation connected however to vote, sojourn the How tin I vote conception of the Nova Scotia Elections website.

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