Where are your tech dollars going in 2022? We want to know!

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Take this short, multiple-choice survey and archer america astir your organization's tech fund for 2022.


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Where are concern leaders readying to walk their tech dollars successful 2022? TechRepublic Premium is conducting a survey to find out.

If you're acquainted with your company's tech fund plans we privation to perceive from you. The survey contains six oregon less multiple-choice questions and a fewer demographic questions and should instrumentality little than 5 minutes to complete.

You'll beryllium asked questions astir the apical priorities successful your organization's budget, however IT vendors tin amended assistance the budgetary process, and however overmuch you expect your organization's fiscal oregon calendar twelvemonth 2022 IT fund volition be. 

Take the TechRepublic Premium 2022 IT fund survey

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