Which universities are producing today's programming talent?

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As firm request soars for entry-level bundle developers, determination are plentifulness to beryllium recovered beyond the premier schools.


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It's not conscionable the premier universities that connection high-ranking machine subject programs. A caller study finds that different universities crossed the U.S. are producing students with the highly sought-after programming skills companies need.

As the request for bundle developers outweighs supply, it's a bully clip to look for tech endowment successful caller places, according to HackerRank's report, "The Best New Tech Talent May Not Be Where You Think: A Guide to Hiring from Universities successful 2021."

The apical languages companies are looking for are Python, SQL, Java, JavaScript, Rest API and Go. 

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"As much American companies clasp semipermanent distant oregon hybrid work, they person their prime of apical tech endowment crossed respective U.S. regions–and beyond schools with machine subject programs that often apical world rankings, similar Carnegie Mellon University oregon MIT," wrote the report's author, HackerRank CEO Vivek Ravisankar.

For example, students astatine the New Jersey Institute of Technology topped the charts successful 4 retired of 5 languages, according to the report. Outside the New York metropolitan area, "there are pockets of large talent" astatine the State University of New York astatine Buffalo and Rochester.

"Moving west, apical endowment emerges astatine University of Texas astatine Arlington and Dallas–notable arsenic immoderate companies unfastened caller bureau spaces successful Texas. Oregon State University is different standout," Ravisankar wrote.

The study evaluated pupil certification occurrence rates successful the languages they trial themselves connected astir frequently. The much accepted machine subject schools, including MIT, CalTech, Stanford, and Harvard, were included successful the broader appraisal HackerRank performed, but they did not fertile among the apical 5 schools for this performance-based ranking of method skills, Ravisankar said.

He said helium was not amazed by this year's findings. "Within the HackerRank community, we regularly spot astonishing tech endowment from schools and regions others bash not. This is precisely wherefore we started HackerRank. We acceptable retired to uncover large endowment from the places that are often overlooked, which has go progressively important successful today's endowment war."  

Python, SQL and Java enactment strong; Go goes mainstream

Python is developers' astir preferred connection successful which to gain certifications, and the 2nd astir in-demand by companies, the study said. "Its versatility means it's loved by beginner developers and those moving connected dense concern applications alike."

Additionally, "SQL skills are important for budding information scientists–a relation that's seeing dependable maturation successful demand–and astir companies inactive request these skills to entree information stored successful a relational database," Ravisankar wrote. "SQL continues to clasp beardown among students, and we spot akin occurrence with Java certifications."

He called Go "the fashionable caller kid connected the block," noting that it was developed by 3 Google employees to lick symptom points of gathering with different languages. "Its speed, deficiency of immense documentation and concurrency mean it's gaining traction with large names crossed the manufacture including Uber, Dropbox and of course, Google."

JavaScript and Rest API skills aren't arsenic beardown

Despite wide usage by companies similar Netflix, PayPal and Instagram, "there is simply a palpable dislike of JavaScript successful the developer community, and its certification occurrence complaint hovers astatine conscionable 27%," according to the report. 

That said, "it's the apical accomplishment companies are seeking. Meanwhile, companies similar Twitter and Slack moving distant from REST means developers are little funny successful learning it," according to the report.

Other notable U.S. schools referenced that connection machine subject programs see the University of Colorado astatine Boulder, the University of Maryland astatine College Park, the University of Central Florida, the University of North Carolina astatine Charlotte and the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor.

Universities with beardown CS programs astir the satellite

In India, the University of Mumbai leads skilled tech endowment pools for Python, JavaScript and REST API, portion PICT has the country's champion Java and SQL aboriginal endowment pools, according to the report. VIT, Chennai "also makes a beardown showing crossed languages."

Historically, companies person searched for apical tech endowment successful India lone successful the IITs, NITs and BITS, the study said, "especially due to the fact that hiring managers didn't person the bandwidth to behaviour in-person interviews astatine much universities successful specified a ample endowment market.

"With the emergence of platforms similar HackerRank, this situation is fading," the study said. "Now, hiring managers tin rapidly measure candidates' skills remotely."

Companies seeking tech endowment crossed different countries successful APAC tin find highly skilled students successful Bangladesh, Indonesia and Sri Lanka, astatine schools including Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology, Binus University and the University of Peradeniya, the study said.

"Strong tech endowment volition apt proceed to look successful this portion implicit the coming years: Indonesia is present among the apical 10 countries with the astir billion-dollar startups, portion the young labour forces successful Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are growing."

In Europe, traditionally highly ranked machine subject programs specified arsenic those astatine the University of Oxford and ETH Zurich are connected the list, but aboriginal tech endowment successful Europe is distributed much wide than galore accepted rankings suggest, the study said.

For example, universities successful Switzerland, Ireland, Germany and England clasp the apical honors for students with Python and Rest API skills, the study said. "For companies looking to grow extracurricular high-cost countries, respective schools successful Egypt, Turkey and Poland connection students with Java and SQL chops."

HackerRank said it reviewed much than 1 cardinal certification attempts successful 14 skills made by 1,149 assemblage students successful 102 countries, betwixt January 2020 and April 2021. 

Editor's note: This nonfiction has been updated with further comment.

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